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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.6.1
Subject: Registration - Holds Date of Present Issue: 08/06/01
  Date of Previous Issues:
09/81, 10/87


Holds may be placed on students' transcripts, or for scheduling/registration, when the student is delinquent in meeting various obligations or University Requirements.


Department 1. Enters the information about the hold in the Student Information System on the appropriate screens. Under type, puts R for Registration hold or T for transcript hold. Enters a code under reason and types an additional description if necessary. Enters an effective term. Notifies student of hold.
Registrar's Office/Scheduler 1. When student tries to register for classes or requests a transcript, notifies student of hold. Does not process scheduling or transcript request.
Student 1. Satisfies obligation.
Department 1. Releases hold.
Student 1. Resubmits course registration or transcript request.
Registrar's Office/Scheduler 1. Sends out transcript or registers student.
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