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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.7.2
Subject: Scheduling - Athletic Events Date of Present Issue: 01/15/88
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Athletic schedules in each sport must be approved by the athletic director. Coaches are responsible for avoiding potential conflicts caused by scheduling competitions during final examination periods. While some conference commitments and championship events must be scheduled during examination periods, such scheduling will be avoided whenever possible.

When conference away competition is scheduled during examination periods, every effort will be made to have the competition rescheduled. If rescheduling is impossible, every effort will be made with the other institution involved to exchange dates so that the competition may be held on the LSSU campus.

Non-conference competition away events will not be held during examination periods. Any non-conference competition scheduled during examination periods must be scheduled as a home contest.

Student-athletes will be responsible individually for making prior arrangements with their instructors to complete any academic work missed due to athletic competition. No student-athlete shall be penalized through a reduction in grade or other punitive action for class time missed due to schedule competition.

The Intercollegiate Athletic Committee will annually review the competitive schedule for each sport to insure compliance with the above policy. Should an exception to the scheduling policy be necessary, it will be the responsibility of the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee to grant that exception.

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