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Section: Academic Administration Section Number: 2.8.1
Subject: Student Access to Grades Date of Present Issue: 08/06/01
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Grading student work is the responsibility of each faculty member, as reflected in Section 11.3.9 of the Faculty Association Agreement with Lake Superior State University. It is furthermore the responsibility of the university faculty and staff to ensure the security of confidential student information from unauthorized individuals. Student identification (ID) numbers and grades are just two examples of such confidential information. Examples of good practice would be to keep documents containing confidential information secured in the faculty member's office or classroom, to not allow students access to grade records in a way that would reveal the grade of another student, and to shred confidential documents and rosters when they are no longer needed.

In addition, undergraduate students, including student employees, cannot be used in any manner to score objective or subjective papers at the undergraduate level, nor to compute or record scores that will be used to calculate another student's grade. This policy is designed to protect the privacy of students enrolled in the university, to ensure the security of their grades from willful tampering or unintentional abuse, and to protect student employees from accusations of coercion or collusion in the administration of academic courses. While the departments may exercise discretion to enforce higher standards, the minimum standards have been specified above.

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