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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.13.1
Subject: Keys Date of Present Issue: 01/19/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/71, 07/86, 12/95


Keys will be issued to full- and part-time employees upon presentation of written authorization by the department head directly responsible for employees working within that area. This approval authority cannot be delegated. All key requests are submitted to Security to permit a check on key numbers and proper authorization.

If a request is made for a building master key, the authorization card will be forwarded by the supervisor to the appropriate dean or vice president with a memorandum justifying the need for the master key. If the request is for a grand master, the authorization card will be forwarded to the director or assistant director of physical plant with a memorandum justifying the need for a grand master.

Keys will not be issued to students unless the nature of a student's employment is such that work cannot be performed without a key.


The department head authorizes key issuance to an employee by completing KEY ISSUANCE AUTHORIZATION FORM LSSU 127 (see page 4) to obtain the designated key. The authorization is then forwarded to the Security Office.

Security receives the authorization and checks the key number and the authorization. Security forwards requests for building master keys, with the memorandum of justification, to the appropriate dean or vice president for approval. Requests for grand masters, with the memorandum of justification, will be forwarded to the director or assistant director of physical plant for approval.

Once the necessary approval is obtained, the card is sent to the Physical Plant Office. Keys will be made from a current supply of blanks within 48 hours, unless blanks have to be ordered. Once made, keys will be sent to Security with the authorization card. A signed key receipt is obtained from the employee and is filed. Upon return of the key, the date is recorded and the key receipt is filed in the cleared file.

The director of physical plant will maintain files indicating the key and lock number for every door of each institutional building on campus. A copy of the record will be provided to Security. These files will be updated promptly when lock changes are made.

  1. Campus Security will be responsible for:
    1. Maintaining the central key control file.
    2. Recovering all University keys from faculty, staff and students who are terminating or transferring to another area. A hold will be placed on a student's records if the key(s) are not returned as required (see item 5 under key level).
    3. Returning all surplus keys to the Physical Plant Department.

  2. Department heads will be responsible for:
    1. Recommending the issuance of keys to staff as necessary and in accordance with these guidelines.
    2. Reporting to Security all key holders who are terminating or transferring to another department or activity.
    3. Reporting loss of keys to Security.
    4. Administering the key control policy at the departmental level.

  3. Personnel to whom keys have been issued will be responsible for:
    1. Signing a key-issuance record.
    2. Maintaining security of any key issued.
    3. Reporting loss or theft of keys to the department and to Security.
    4. Insuring duplicates are not made.
    5. Insuring unauthorized persons do not possess or use keys.
    6. Returning keys in accordance with this policy.

  4. Special security keying and changes of keying:
    1. Special security locks and keys for areas of special consideration may be permitted with the approval of the president, appropriate vice president, dean, director or assistant director of physical plant.
    2. No individual locks or keys may be used for space or University property control, nor may locks be changed without prior approval of the president or appropriate vice president. Unauthorized locks will be reported to security, which will have them removed with the coordination of the director of physical plant.
    3. Areas approved for special locks and keys will not receive maintenance and custodial services, except by special arrangement.

    Key Level Eligibility to Carry
    1. Access Key: Will operate all groups of locks under different building masters. Security and maintenance personnel, president, vice presidents, secretary to Board of Trustees, director of admissions.
    2. Master Key (Sub Master): Will operate one group of locks with individual keys within a building. Deans and building coordinators, for those areas under their jurisdiction.
    3. Individual Key: Will operate one, two or more locks keyed alike. Employees are entitled to keys to their offices or work place upon recommendation of their department head.
    4. Building-Entrance Key: Employees who must work other than normally scheduled hours may be issued a building-entrance key upon recommendation of the appropriate department head.
    5. Student Key: Permission must be obtained from the department head with approval by Security. Students may not be issued master or grand master keys.

  5. Procedure for obtaining and returning University keys:
    1. When keys are issued, the designee must sign a key-issue record for each key. Security will keep a record of key issues by name, location and key number.
    2. Keys will be issued to students for a maximum period of one year and must then be returned to Security. A hold will be placed on the records of students who do not return assigned keys. This restriction does not apply to issuance of housing keys.

  6. Transferring keys within a department is not allowed:
    1. All keys will be returned to Security pending reissue.
    2. Persons being transferred within a department will receive keys from Security upon completion of the approval process.

  7. Recovering keys from University personnel:
    1. To facilitate recovering University keys, the department head will send to Security a list of individuals under his/her jurisdiction who are terminating employment or moving to another jurisdiction.
    2. When an individual has returned all issued keys, Security will send a notice to, or telephone, the Human Resources Office, notice to the Registrar to release final grades, or notice to the Business Office to release final payment to contractors.

  8. Loss or theft of University keys:
    1. Loss or theft of University keys must be reported immediately to Security and to the appropriate department head. An incident report must be completed by the key holder.
    2. Security will note on the key records the loss of the key, key-holder's name, number of key, and date of loss.

  9. Request for re-keying and lock changes:
    1. All requests for re-keying and lock changes must be submitted on a work order to the Security Office.
    2. The director of physical plant and senior security officer will approve all re-keying.

  10. Use of University keys, buildings and property:

    Misuse of University keys may result in disciplinary action.

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