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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.14.1
Subject: Telephone Service/Toll Calls Date of Present Issue: 05/25/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/71, 07/72, 07/73, 07/79, 11/85, 07/91


ROLM 9751

Programming for all telephone services will be under control of the Director of Purchasing. Long distance access for a particular extension must be approved by the Cabinet member of appropriate area. The department head is responsible for control and use of each station in their area of responsibility.

Credit Cards

Credit cards will be issued only to those whose work schedule or job function dictates such need. The card will be issued only upon approval of the appropriate Vice President. Control of the credit card and card number will be the cardholder's responsibility. Cards are not transferrable.

Watts Lines

Watts lines (Michigan or Canadian) are toll free to the caller, but charged to the University. Personal calls are not to be accepted on Watts Lines.

All watts calls will be received at the central switchboard and transferred to the department being requested. These calls will be announced as watts calls and must not be transferred further.

Moves, adds and changes

All requests for moves, adds or changes to the telephone system or phonemail will be in writing to the Director of Purchasing.

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