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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.16
Subject: Mail Processing Date of Present Issue: 06/06/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
10/85, 03/79, 04/88


Mail authorizations will be processed to charge back departments for postage expenses. A mail services guide is available in each departmental office for complete mailing instructions.


Department representatives will complete Mail Authorization Form LSSU 230 for all outgoing campus mail. (See attachment) The form must be attached to outgoing mail and forwarded to the Mail Center.

The Mail Center staff will process mail and enter the account information into the accounting system provided with the mailing equipment. At month end, a print out of charges by department will be used to create an interdepartmental journal voucher. This voucher will be forwarded to Business Operations to be entered into the accounting system.

Mailing Procedures


  1. Time: To ensure mail is processed on a specific date, it must be delivered to the Mail Center by 1:00 p.m.

    1. Large Mailings - 100 or more items, should arrive by 12:00 noon. Bulk mailing arrangements are to be made in advance (See Mail Services Guide for information & preparation instructions.)

    2. Exception - If for any reason the above time requirement cannot be met, call the Mail Center and arrangements will be made to process the mailing late on the same day, if possible.

  2. Classification: All mail falls into one of three classifications and should be sorted accordingly.

    1. On-campus Mail - On-campus mail should state the person and department to which it is to be delivered.

    2. Pre-stamped Mail - This includes all mail that already has the necessary postage affixed.

    3. Outgoing Mail - This includes all UNIVERSITY mail that requires postage. All mail will be processed daily.
      1. A Mail Authorization Form must be attached to all outgoing mail. This form should include:
        1. Account Name
        2. Date
        3. Quantity
        4. Mailing instructions - choices can be located in the Mail Services Guide
        5. Signature
      2. Sorting procedure:
      All outgoing mail should be sorted in the following categories and separated by rubberband (or some other equivalent).
      1. Sault, Ontario
      2. Other foreign
      3. U.S.
      4. List mail requiring special services separately (i.e. Express, priority, certified return receipt, etc.)
        1. All in-state mail should be sorted and separated according to the five-digit zip code.
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