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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.17.1
Subject: Physical Plant: Maintenance and Repair Requisitions Date of Present Issue: 05/01/90
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Requests for repairs, construction, remodeling, painting, redecorating, or other work to be performed in University buildings or involving other University property, are processed and performed by the Physical Plant Department. Requests must be submitted in writing.

Work requests reported to the Physical Plant over the telephone should be restricted to emergencies only.

Priorities, when operational necessities arise, can be changed by contacting the Physical Plant via telephone to expedite completion. Indicate the work order number located on the Monthly Program Status Reports and the nature of the request.

Consideration will be given to the effect the request has on the primary function and service of the facility prior to assigning a priority.


Requesting Department/Originator 1. Completes Form 73015 "Maintenance Work Request" (Attachment 1) for any remodeling, painting or redecorating work involving materials or physical changes in buildings.

2. Obtains department head's or building coordinator's signature of approval.

Department Head or Building Coordinator 3. Signs form, retains white originator copy for records and forwards the shop and file copies to the Physical Plant Department.
Physical Plant Secretary 4. Inputs the work request information into the computer for work request number assignment (90010236).

90 - year
01 - month
0236 - consecutive numbering

5. Assigns cost center numbers to reflect the facility and shop code (Carpentry, Delivery, Electrical, Grounds, Mechanical, etc).

6. Separates and distributes work requests to the responsible shop supervisors: Manager of Building Maintenance and Operations; Manager of Grounds, Central Stores, Rink, and Motor Pool; Manager of Central Heating Plant; Manager of Custodial Operations.

Physical Plant Supervisors 7. Reviews, prioritizes and schedules work requests for completion as per procedure.

8. Investigates work requests that require correction of discrepancies, clarification or special scheduling.

9. Refers work requests for outside contract services and special financial consideration to the Director and Assistant Director of Physical Plant for approval.

Physical Plant Director 10. Investigates and acquires administrative approval for work requests with special operational and/or financial considerations.
Assistant Director of Physical Plant 11. Evaluates and reviews work request status, priority, quality and departmental productivity in each maintenance classification.

12. Discusses and reviews departmental maintenance concerns upon request.

Executive Vice President 13. Approves or disapproves work requests submitted by the Physical Plant Department, assigns priorities when applicable and returns the request to the Physical Plant.
Physical Plant Shop Supervisors 14. Upon completion of assigned work requests evaluates and approves labor and material costs and periodically inspects completion quality.

15. Submits completed work requests to the Physical Plant secretary for reporting purposes.

Physical Plant Secretary 16. Evaluates and monitors work request completion and outstanding status on updated Program Status Reports.

17. Inputs the completion date, labor and material costs and work request status into the computer.

18. Files completed work requests for future reference.

Physical Plant Secretary 19. Generates and distributes monthly to each Building Coordinator complete and incomplete Program Status Reports for corrective and requisition maintenance for their respective facilities.

20. Generates and distributes monthly to the Executive Vice President complete and incomplete Program Status Reports for corrective and requisition maintenance for all facilities.

21. Generates and distributes Financial Summary Reports indicating expenditures for Auxiliary Services facilities to the Director of Business Operations, Director of Auxiliary Services and the Housing Office.

Director of Business Operations 22. Summarizes Auxiliary Services labor and material maintenance costs and charges to the appropriate accounts where applicable.
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