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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.17.2
Subject: Physical Plant: Facility Improvement and Modification Program Date of Present Issue: 02/14/00
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A Facility Improvement and Modernization Fiscal Year Plan will be prepared each year, based on the University's Five Year Capital Plan. The Director of Financial Planning and Analysis will provide the budget amounts, and the sources of the funding. The Vice President for Business and Financial Operations will approve or disapprove all projects, obligate funds and set guidelines, policies and procedures for the program. Project requests will come from administration, department heads, building coordinators, physical plant, housing department and students.

  1. Purchasing Department will process proposals according to Procedure 3.20.7.

  2. Director of Physical Plant/University Engineer
    1. Prepares and updates the University's Five Year Capital Plan for Facility Improvement and Modernization on an annual basis.
    2. Prepares and submits to the Vice President for Business and Financial Operations each year a Facility Improvement and Modernization Fiscal Year Plan utilizing the five-year plan and individual requests.
    3. Work can be accomplished by the Physical Plant staff or outside contractors.
    4. Contractor services are obtained through selected bid procedures or negotiations.
    5. Provide drawings, simple line to drawings furnished by an architect with specifications.
    6. Follow the customary steps in contracting for materials and services by advertising, receiving bids, obtaining permits, bonds, and details for contract and/or purchase order issuing.
    7. Insure that the Physical Plant, as a contractor, subcontracts work beyond the capability of its resources.
    8. Calls upon the University for purchasing resources, and other appropriate support.
    9. Evaluates the liability and fire insurance coverage in light of the project requirements.
    10. Responsible for the effective and efficient supervision, using the best skills and resources, including review of the drawings, specifications, and other appropriate instructions and information.
    11. Utilizes project management techniques available and applicable for the project, such as:
      1. Actual vs. estimated cost summary
      2. Critical path method
      3. Construction supervision and recording of progress
      4. Material cost records
      5. Change orders, addendums etc.
    12. Provides project status reports to identify and maintain projects in a format by project numbering, completion status, and retention of information and documents pertaining to the projects.


The Director of Physical Plant/University Engineer will conduct a basic investigation and supply an estimated budget cost for each project that is listed in the Capital Improvement and Modernization Plan.

Upon plan approval by administration, the engineer will assign a project number to each project. The director or engineer will prepare plans and specifications, bid the work according to procedure, inspect the work, approve and record any and all changes. All major changes will be approved by the director and/or administration.

A Capital Projects Expenditure report will be prepared to track project costs and completion status.


  1. Cover form for five-year capital plan
  2. Cover form auxiliary fund (five-year capital plan)
  3. Projects itemized auxiliary fund (five-year capital plan)
  4. Cover form general fund (five-year capital plan)
  5. Projects itemized general fund (five-year capital plan)
  6. Cover form other (ADA and parking - five-year capital plan)
  7. Projects itemized others (five-year capital plan)
  8. Capital projects expenditure report
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