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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.19.1
Subject: Salaries and Wages: Additional Part-time Position Pay Date of Present Issue: 03/03/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/71, 07/79


Part-time employment must be recorded in hours for all non-exempt employees. To fulfill reporting requirements of the Michigan Public School Employee's Retirement System, a $10/hour rate is assigned to establish the number of hours reported. As an example, if an employee receives $3,000 for a semester, (typically paid over eight pay periods) $240 is paid bi-weekly, so 24 hours are reported to MPSERS on a bi-weekly basis.

  1. A non-exempt regular employee in a full-time position who is assigned to work part-time in a second position will receive overtime compensation for all hours worked in the part-time position.

  2. The overtime rate will be one and one-half times the regular rate of the additional part-time position.

  3. The payroll authorization for the part-time position must clearly state that ALL hours worked will be paid at overtime rate.

  4. On timesheets prepared by the department providing the part-time position, ALL hours worked must be entered as overtime hours.
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