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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.19.3
Subject: Salaries and Wages: Payroll Deduction/Salary Reduction Authorization Date of Present Issue: 05/02/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/79, 06/87, 03/00


A limited number of payroll deductions/salary reductions are available to employees. To establish a new deduction code the following guidelines must be met:

  1. Five or more employees wish to have a payroll deduction for a particular cause; or
  2. One or more employees wish to have a payroll deduction made for $5 or more per pay with a total deduction amount of $130.


  1. The University and the employee are responsible to pay a portion of the illustrative rate of one person, two person, or family premium for health, dental and vision group coverage, dependent upon employee group and eligibility requirements.  Part-time employees eligible to enroll will pay the pro-rata share of premiums by payroll deduction.
  2. Union Dues and Service Fees, authorized by the appropriate labor organization.  Faculty members and members of Support Staff pay dues and fees according to contract provisions.

  3. Tax Deferred Annuity, is a salary reduction agreement available to all non-student employees.  The University purchases annuities for employees in a limited number of annuity plans (minimum of five (5) enrollees required for payroll reduction processing).  Reduction may be started or discontinued any time if form is submitted to Payroll Office seven business days before the scheduled payday. The amount is deducted from each paycheck and, according to IRS regulations, contracts may be signed with the University at any time during the calendar year.


Additional information on all deductions and reductions, payroll deduction form to be completed by the employee and assistance, are available at the Human Resources Office.

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