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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.19.7
Subject: Salaries and Wages: Payroll Authorization - Non-student Date of Present Issue: 02/28/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/72, 06/85, 03/87, 10/88, 02/93


Payroll additions or changes will not be made without a valid authorization. The PAYROLL AUTHORIZATION AND PERSONNEL DATA form, LSSU 112 (Attachment #1), must be completely processed, approved and on file in the Payroll Office BEFORE an individual begins work or BEFORE the effective date of change in rate, status or classification. Responsibility for initiating the authorization and obtaining approval rests with the area in which the employee is working or the new employee is to work. Prior approval for filling positions must be obtained before employment or change of status begins as outlined in Procedure 4.8.3.

Payroll authorization for a prospective alien employee will not be processed unless a valid authorization is presented, issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, to engage in employment in the United States, and a United States Social Security card. All new hires must provide documentation to verify their identity and eligibility to work in the United States within three days of hire.


Requesting Department Head 1. Completes authorization before employee begins work or effective date of change in rate, status or classification.

2. Fills out upper part of form completely, including rate, account number and job title (obtain from Human Resources Office, if necessary).

3. Rates for academic and exempt administrative personnel will be expressed as an annual rate.

4. Rates for all other personnel will be expressed as an hourly rate.

5. Signs and transmits all copies to the Budget Office for budgetary check.

Budget Office 6. Encumbers funds to cover authorization.

7. Approves authorization and transmits all copies to the Human Resources Office.

Human Resources 8. "Codes" all copies and forwards original to Payroll Office.

9. Completes all required payroll and personnel paperwork with employee, including tax withholding form, retirement membership form, beneficiary form, oath card, patent agreement, I-9 verification of identity and work authorization, ID card, applications for health, dental, vision, life and LTD insurance benefits, as applicable and other orientation matters. Forwards W-4 and retirement membership forms to Payroll.

10. Files yellow copy of authorization in employee's personnel file with other payroll and personnel documents, forwards pink copy to department.

Payroll 11. a. Enters all the information into the Human Resource System (HRS).
      b. Checks edits from the computer to see that information has been entered correctly; authorization, W-4 and copy of retirement membership form are filed.
      c. Mails original retirement membership form to retirement system.
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