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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.19.8
Subject: Salaries and Wages: Payroll Authorization - Student Employee Date of Present Issue: 02/28/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/79, 03/87, 10/88, 04/94, 12/95


Students employed on campus must be enrolled full-time for the semester in which they are employed, or enrolled full-time for the fall semester if employed in the summer. Payroll authorization and other required payroll and personnel papers must be completed and processed before the student begins work.

Student employment is limited to nineteen (19) hours per week during the academic year and to forty (40) hours per week when school is not in session.


Human Resources 1. Assigns students receiving Federal or Michigan work-study funds to work location in relation to departmental needs.

2. Completes "Student Work Assignment and Payroll Authorization" form (Attachment #1).

3. Completes other payroll and personnel papers with student employee (i.e. W-4, I-9, beneficiary and retirement forms, as required).

Hiring Department 4. Completes "Student Work Assignment and Payroll Authorization" form for student employees paid through departmental funds.
Student 5. If hired with work-study funds student goes to Human Resources Office to pick up payroll authorization. Signs conditions of student employment on authorization form and completes other necessary payroll and personnel papers. Brings payroll authorization to employing supervisor for signature.

If hired with departmental funds student goes to hiring department to pick up payroll authorization and signs conditions of student employment. If student is a new hire to Lake Superior State University, student must go to the Human Resources Office to complete necessary payroll and personnel paperwork.

Employing Supervisor 6. Interviews student and, if satisfactory, signs authorization. Forwards to Human Resources Office through interoffice mail or may ask student to hand-carry form to Human Resources Office.
Human Resources Office 7. Reviews authorization form to assure that all information is complete and accurate. Director signs form and has authorization processed according to distribution on payroll authorization.
Payroll Office 8. Enters pertinent information in HRS payroll system, files forms.
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