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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.20.1
Subject: Supplies and Purchases: Bookstore, Desk Copies Date of Present Issue: 02/14/00
  Date of Previous Issues:


It is each instructor’s responsibility to order textbook desk copies from the publisher.  Each instructor should request a “clean, unmarked” desk copy directly from the publisher on departmental stationery, including the instructor’s rank, course title, and projected enrollment.  It should be recognized that some publishers do not make complimentary or desk copies available.

Instructors who consign a textbook from the Campus Shoppe for use while waiting for the desk copy to arrive from the publisher are taking a textbook intended for a student.  If textbooks on consignment to an instructor cause a shortage for students, the consignment copy will be recalled from the instructor and made available to the student.

Consigned textbooks or clean, unmarked replacement copies must be returned to the Campus Shoppe (bookstore) within thirty (30) days in mint condition or the department will be billed for the full purchase price.  Once billed, items may not be refunded or returned for credit.


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