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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.20.6
Subject: Supplies and Purchases: Office Supplies, Central Stores Date of Present Issue: 01/09/01
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All individuals ordering supplies from Central Stores, must have department head approval. The Central Stores clerk, under the direction of physical plant operation, is responsible for filling supply orders. Delivery will be arranged by the Grounds-Maintenance supervisor.


Requesting department requests needed items on Central Stores Requisition form (Attachment #1). The requesting department retains the goldenrod copy for their files, and sends the top three copies to Central Stores.

Central Stores clerk assembles the requested supplies and places on loading/receiving dock. Maintenance employees, under the direction of the Grounds Supervisor, deliver supplies to departments. Upon delivery, maintenance employees obtain a departmental representative's signature on the requisition form, and returns the top two copies to Central Stores. The pink copy is left at the department with the supplies.

Central Stores clerk enters items not available at time of delivery on the backorder list, marking the "backorder" column on the requisition form. When items become available, Central Stores clerk sends the items with a new requisition form marking the "filled" column.

Central Stores clerk transmits priced copies of the requisitions to the Business Office at the end of each month, where proper interdepartmental charges are prepared.

Office supplies and permanent LSSU forms (used by more than two departments), available through Central Stores, are listed in the Central Stores Catalog.

Completion of Central Stores Requisition Form

Insert in the proper space as directed on attached form:

  1. Name of requesting department.
  2. Phone number of requesting department.
  3. Date of request.
  4. Person to receive delivery.
  5. Delivery date required.
  6. Any special instructions.
  7. Sequence numbering.
  8. Quantity of each item required.
  9. Unit designation. (ea., doz., pkg., etc.)
  10. Catalog number of item.
  11. Description of item.
  12. Color or size.
  13. To be checked by Central Stores clerk if item at presently available.
  14. To be checked by Central Stores clerk when sending a previously backordered item
  1. Price - to be filled in by Central Stores clerk.
  2. Total price of particular item - to be filled in by Central Stores clerk.
  3. Signature of authorized requestor.
  4. Signature of Central Stores personnel filling order.
  5. Signature of individual receiving supplies at time of delivery.
  6. Total cost of all items - to be filled in by Central Stores clerk.
  7. Date requisition was filled by Central Stores clerk - to be filled in by Central Stores clerk.
  8. Account charged - to be filled in by requesting department.
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