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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.21.1
Subject: Admission to University Events Date of Present Issue: 12/08/95
  Date of Previous Issues:
10/81, 07/87


Regular employees of the University shall be admitted without charge to athletic, dramatic, cultural or musical events sponsored as General Fund activities of the University, or from Student Activity events which receive General Fund support.

The free admission shall not extend to:

  1. Events where the proceeds accrue to a recognized student organization.
  2. Events relating to fund-raising, social, or recognition activities of the University.

Definitions (from the Procedures Manual, 4.8.1):

  1. The term "regular employee" as used in this policy shall mean an employee who fills an established position either full- or part-time with the intent that the position is scheduled by the College indefinitely.

  2. The term "temporary employee" as used in this policy shall mean an employee whose employment is either full- or part-time, limited in duration to less than 60 days and is established for:
    1. a specific project.
    2. the purpose of relieving regular staff members who are absent due to illness, leave of absence, or vacation.
    3. augmenting the regular staff to meet the requirements of the dismissal, increased work loads, or any other conditions that may create short-term staffing shortages.

Spouses and dependents of employees may be admitted to athletic and cultural events at a reduced rate. Dependents are defined as individuals covered under the employee's Blue-Cross/Blue Shield health insurance.

Other persons may be admitted without charge to University-sponsored events when the purpose is public service, part of a recruitment program, or public relations. Complimentary and guest tickets and passes on a no-charge basis may be issued on the following basis:

  1. Guests of the University as approved by the president.

  2. Major contributors and potential contributors to the University as approved by the president.

  3. Parents of participants as approved by the director of the activity.

  4. News media, activity officials, and activity staff and spouses as approved by the director of the activity.

  5. Selected high school students, student groups, and instructors or coaches, as approved by the director of the activity and/or the director of admissions.

  6. Selected service clubs, senior citizen groups, charitable organizations, or similar public service organizations, as approved by the director of the activity, or the president.

Numbers 3-6 above are considered departmental complimentary tickets.

All departments will be billed for complimentary tickets with the exception of selected large groups such as high school promotional groups, service clubs, charitable organizations approved by the director of athletics or the president, and tickets issued to regular employees.


Regular employees shall present their University-issued identification card for admission to the University events, defined earlier. Hockey games are an exception (procedure defined below). An identification card is non-transferable. It may be used only by the person to whom it is issued.


Regular employees of the University wishing reserved seats for the entire hockey season may reserve season tickets through the Norris Center Ticket Office for themselves and their dependent(s) prior to the start of the season. Following this reserve season ticket period, and prior to the start of the hockey season, regular employees are allowed to reserve single game tickets for themselves and their dependent(s).

On game nights, regular employees of the University who do not hold season tickets or who have not purchased single game tickets prior to the start of the season, shall present a current University identification card to ticket office personnel. Upon presentation of the identification card, a seat will be issued to the employee and approved dependent(s) without charge, if seats are available.

Tickets for employees' immediate family members, defined as spouse and dependents, will be issued at half the regular ticket price.


On receipt of the game report from the director of athletics, the Business Office will prepare the appropriate billing of the departments involved.

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