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Section: Business and Support Operations Section Number: 3.5.6
Subject: Promotional Materials, Publications Date of Present Issue: 05/06/98
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University Relations is responsible for ensuring materials reach their audience with the intended message while meeting established style policies.

All publications and materials must be approved by the public relations manager or graphics manager prior to production and distribution.

All materials, electronic and print, must meet LSSU style guide standards. This includes new technologies such as the Web and CD as they are introduced.

Project cycles which include target audience, bid process and copy suggestions are defined in the LSSU Style Guide and other materials available from the public relations office. These support materials are updated on a regular basis.

Staff will work together from the inception of any publication to save time and money for the University and each office.

Graphics is responsible for determining the best production option for each project.

Projects delivered directly to vendors without public relations or graphics approval are not permissible. All projects must be approved by the graphics manager or the job will not be accepted by the vendor.


Suggested copy (hard copy and disk) must be provided to Graphics. The public relations staff will ensure grammar and style fit within University guidelines. Style and content revisions will be made as defined by LSSU Style Guide. Refer to the Guide when developing materials.

Help is available to identify any photographic needs.

Draft the publication. Staff will assist in revising copy where necessary.

The final copy proof will be approved by the originating office; Graphics will then design and layout the newsletter.

If desired, meet with Graphics staff to target the audience and brainstorm ideas for design and layout.

Assuming the publication is recurring, successive publications will take less time to produce.

Sample newsletters produced are: Laker News, Laker Stuff, Engineering Alumni Newsletter

Remember the "Five Ws" when making posters and flyers:

  • who is sponsoring the event; who is invited?
  • what is it?
  • where is it?
  • when is it?
  • why or how is the event happening? This may or may not be applicable. (Example: Spring Fling--why? To meet new friends and get reacquainted with old friends.)

Bring all relevant information to Graphics with suggestions and ideas. Be sure to consider the target audience and use the checklist that follows.

Time can be saved with a little planning at the very beginning of any project.

Major promotional pieces/special projects
(Recruitment literature, viewbook, Laker Log, Continuing Education bulletins, special events, etc.)

The originating office will coordinate a meeting to discuss the project with University Relations and others as needed. Ideas and thoughts can be developed for the publication and help can be provided to determine the best format for the message.

Originating office provides:

  • essential information and background, including audience
  • copy ideas -- phrases, buzzwords, main points needed
  • concept ideas, suggestions for consideration
  • may provide copy in entirety which will be revised to meet style guide and message guidelines

Information should be provided to all parties ahead of the meeting to insure best use of group time.

Assignments like copy-writing, photography and others should be made at the session.

Notify Public Relations of your project and the need to advertise. Submit copy to Public Relations, and schedule a meeting to discuss audience, budget, schedule, etc. Graphics will design and Public Relations will place the ad.

Web page links
The LSSU home page and all official links are considered publications of the University. As such, the content of each section should be reviewed and approved by the University Relations staff.

New services and advertising

All news releases must be distributed via Public Relations to ensure consistent style, message and delivery. Public Relations releases information on local, regional and national levels depending on the story.

All releases including those from Community Services, MBA, alumni and foundation news and announcements must be cleared through and distributed by Public Relations. Sports Information coordinates announcements/review with Public Relations.

All advertising must be approved prior to purchase and placement by Public Relations. All projects require a project checklist. Each job begins and ends with this sheet.

Estimated Budget:
    If mailed - How? (first class, bulk, pre-sort, etc.)
Photographs: existing files/new photos

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