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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.1.4
Subject: Absences: Administrative Leave Policy Date of Present Issue: 12/20/95
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The Board of Trustees may award leaves to administrators as part of an effort to help them develop professionally in their roles in a way that substantially benefits the University.


  1. Preliminary Information:

    Exempt employees, as defined in procedure 4.8.1, who have had five or more years of service at the University are eligible to apply. Administrative leaves may be granted for up to one half year at full pay or for an entire year at half pay.

    An informal discussion with a unit head, the appropriate vice president, or president to review the feasibility of a professional leave is necessary before an applicant prepares a proposal. If the unit head/vice president/president approves of the proposal for an administrative leave, the candidate may then prepare an application.

  2. Application:

    The primary responsibility for the preparation of a leave application rests with the individual administrator or staff person. Applications must be submitted on or before February 1 of the academic year prior to the year when the leave will be taken. An applicant should submit seven copies of his/her proposal to the office of his/her vice president.

  3. Leave Proposal's Contents:

    The following information should be included in an application:

    1. The applicant's range of service and record of accomplishment at the institution.

    2. A concise discussion of how the applicant plans to use the leave. Specify the benefits that will accrue to the University and the unit in which the applicant works.

    3. Details concerning the starting date and duration of the leave and the applicant's anticipated location on leave.

    4. Applicants will include in their letter a statement agreeing to return to the University for one year after completing an administrative leave. Furthermore, applicants must also state in their letter that they agree to reimburse the University in full for the costs of the administrative leave should they not return for one year after completion of the leave.

    5. A letter from the applicant's supervisor must be included in the application materials.

  4. Review of Proposals:

    The President's Cabinet will review proposals and formulate recommendations for the consideration of the President. The Board of Trustees will act on proposals advanced to it by the President.

    The President will notify candidates of the final disposition of their applications.

  5. Upon returning from a leave, recipients must submit within one month a report specifying how the activities proposed for the leave have been successfully completed. Supporting documentation must be provided.
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