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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.3.1
Subject: Fringe Benefits: Wellness Programs Date of Present Issue: 01/19/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
01/98, 01/99


A Worksite Wellness Committee representing all employment areas of the University has been organized to coordinate various existing health programs and to establish long-range goals for a University-wide program to improve employee health.

As part of this program, effective January 1, 1992, the University is providing a free single basic membership to University employees (on full or part-time regular appointments) to use the Norris Center exercise facilities. This does not include temporary employees, nor does it change family membership rates, which are already reduced for employees' families. This basic membership includes use of the following:

    Public Weight Room
    Basketball Courts
    Walking/Jogging Areas

These areas are available for employee use during scheduled operating hours of the James Norris Center, unless areas have been assigned for other functions by the Norris Facility Manager.

The basic membership does not include tennis or racquetball courts for which hourly court rates are charged.

We encourage all employees to utilize this opportunity for exercise and improvement of health.

Beginning February 1, 1999 with prior approval from their immediate supervisor, each full-time employee may be released from work during scheduled work hours, for 1/2 hour per day, for a maximum of 1.5 hours per week, to participate in the Worksite Wellness Program or any wellness related activity. Such time off is non-cumulative and if not used during any one week, may not be carried over for use during any other week. Supervisors may limit the total number of employees off at any one time. The release of workers for this purpose shall not result in overtime costs for the University. The release time is to be used only on campus.

In order to encourage participation in Worksite Wellness activities, while limiting the liability of the University the following activities are considered Wellness Program or related activities that can be done during release time on campus only:

Use of the SAC or Norris Center
Health risk appraisals
Fitness testing and program instruction
Physical assessments at the Health CARE Center
Personal training
Weight training, aerobics, or other fitness classes
Weight Watchers meetings
Attending health education talks and lectures led by Worksite Wellness staff or guest lecturers
Walking on campus as part of the Trekkers Club

Also, to encourage participation of family members, the SAC and Norris Center are open to one guest over 15 years of age at no charge, when accompanied by the employee. In order to bring more than one guest at a time, Community Health Improvement Program membership must be purchased.

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