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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.3.6
Subject: Fringe Benefits: Tuition Waiver Date of Present Issue: 12/14/2015
  Date of Previous Issues:
11/91, 03/87, 07/82, 11/82, 12/97, 10/98, 08/09, 10/11

Administrative/Professional Staff



All regular (not temporary) full-time, non-union staff members will have tuition costs and enrollment fees (including SAM fee) waived for courses carrying University credit for which they have enrolled and been admitted by the Registrar. Staff members will be responsible for payment of all other fees.

The following procedure applies:

Enrolls in classes and obtains Department Head approval (if adjusted work schedule is required)

Schedules class(es) in Registrar’s Office.

Registrar Schedules class(es).
Provides fee statement and/or schedule to staff member.
Administrative Professional Staff Member

Brings the completed form to the Business Office, which must be received prior to the start of the semester.

Business Office

Reviews and posts the Waiver. If the student is receiving any other financial aid, the Business Office furnishes a copy of the Waiver to the Financial Aid Office as part of reporting all aid the student (staff member) receives. If the student (staff member) does not have any other aid, the Financial Aid Office does not receive a copy.

Financial Aid If applicable, includes as part of aid received.

A.  Work-Required Attendance of Courses

Regular, full-time employees may be requested by their supervisor to take a maximum of one course per semester, in order to improve a job skill(s). The employee will be excused from his/her work station for the hours required to attend the class. Any course fees for the assigned course will be paid by the department requesting the employee's attendance. The hours spent in a work-required course will be considered as hours worked. However, the "Employee Application for Tuition Waiver" must be completed, and approved in advance by the appropriate department head for waiver of fees, and admission to the class approved by the Registrar.

Faculty and support staff must refer to respective collective bargaining agreements for the policy related to Tuition Waivers.


Revision Date Revision Summary
Revision Made By
10/03/11 Changed title from Fringe Benefits: Tuition Fee Grant to Fringe Benefits: Tuition Waiver. Updated procedure. Removed repayment requirement for staff members taking a course but not receiving a passing grade. T. McLain President/ Administration
12/14/15 Added inclusion of SAM fee in Tuition Waiver. P. Espinosa Assoc. VP Human Resources




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