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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.7.1
Subject: Payroll: Termination - Non-Student Date of Present Issue: 03/03/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
03/87, 05/85, 01/88


When an employee is to be removed from the payroll, it is the responsibility of the department head to complete and forward the Payroll Termination Form LSSU 232A (Attachment #1), as soon as the termination date is established.


Department Head 1. Completes Payroll termination form, gives reason for termination and explains in detail under REMARKS.

2. Discusses with the employee, if possible, the content of the termination form and asks employee to sign it.

3. Submits termination form to the concurring authority.

  1. Termination of administrative personnel reporting directly to the president must have the concurrence of the president.
  2. Termination of all academic personnel must have the concurrence of the executive vice president and provost.
  3. Termination of all other personnel must have the concurrence of the appropriate vice president.
Concurring Authority 4. Reviews the termination form, signs and forwards to the president.
Approval 5. President reviews all terminations, and approves or disapproves.
Human Resources Office 6.
  1. Files original in the employee's personnel file; distributes copies as indicated on the form.
  2. Notifies the Payroll Office of final paycheck distribution.
  3. Checks key issuance records in the Security Office; checks credit card records, and other financial obligations due the University.
  4. Arranges exit interview for terminated employee. (See 4.7.3)
  5. Prepares Employee Termination Payroll Information Form LSSU 327 (Attachment #2). Forwards white copy to Payroll, files yellow copy in employee file.
Payroll 7. Computes employee's final payment for hours worked and applicable accrued vacation and sick leave. Has computation reviewed by supervisor; enters information into payroll program. (See 3.19.10)

8. Employees who are terminated from employment, or who resign or retire, will be paid any remuneration due for time worked, within two weeks of their termination date, at the rate for which they were authorized to be paid on their date of termination. This rate will also apply to accrued vacation and sick leave pay-off, if applicable. Retroactive pay rates awarded to other employees after an employee's termination date will not be applicable to the terminated employee.

Human Resources Office 9. For regular employees, conducts exit interview, completes and explains Exit Interview Form, LSSU 248-780 (Attachment #3), to terminating employee.
Employee 10. Turns in keys to Security Office; turns in I.D. card and credit cards, and obtains final paycheck and insurance termination dates at the Human Resources Office. Signs payroll termination and exit interview forms.
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