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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.7.3
Subject: Payroll: Exit Interview Date of Present Issue: 02/28/00
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All regular employees terminating employment with the University, must report to the Human Resources Office before or on their last day of employment, in order to clear all "holds" and outstanding business, and receive information on the status of their benefits.


Employee 1. Notifies supervisor of termination date.
Department Head 2. Completes Payroll Termination form (LSSC-232A, see Section 4.7.1) and forwards to appropriate vice president for approval; notifies employee to arrange exit interview.
Human Resources Office 3. Contacts employee to arrange appointment for exit interview.

4. Reviews status of benefits, and options for extension of benefit coverage with employee.

5. Checks with Security that keys have been turned in and traffic tickets cleared; checks with Business Office that rents, library fines or other holds are cleared; and/or with department head for development fund clearance. Arranges with employee to settle any outstanding business.

6. Receives ID card and charge cards, if any, from employee, and instructions for final paycheck. Completes and signs Exit Interview form LSSC-248 (Attachment #1).

Employee 7. Signs form and receives copy; receives final paycheck if prepared, or makes arrangements to pick up or forward.
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