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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.8.10
Subject: Salary Administration: Non-Union Staff Date of Present Issue: 06/26/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/90, 02/91, 06/92, 10/92, 07/93, 04/96, 10/99

  1. Non-union staff salary rates shall be based on ranges determined by an annual market survey. A market survey must be conducted before any vacancy is filled or salary determined for an upgraded or changed position. Non-union staff hired on a less than six-month basis may be hired at less than the minimum of the established salary range if authorized by the appropriate Cabinet member. Non-union staff hired on a temporary basis to perform duties that were previously performed on a full-time basis may not be paid more than the hourly rate that was being earned at the time of retirement or resignation. This rate will, however, be inflated by the same percentage increase as other A/P members have received since the employee's retirement or resignation.

  2. To avoid inequities and inconsistencies when establishing starting rates of pay for Administrative/Professional (non-union group) positions, all proposed starting rates above the pay range mid-point must be reviewed with the Director of Human Resources prior to any commitments to the potential employee. The hiring authority, with the recommendation of the Director of Human Resources, may offer starting rates up to the maximum approved hiring rate as stated on Form LSSU 372 (Approval of Positions). Starting rates in excess of the maximum approved hiring rate require the prior approval, in writing, of the President of the University.

  3. Employees hired January 1 or later in a fiscal year will not be eligible for a salary increase until the July following the completion of at least one year of service.

  4. Academic deans, by virtue of their status as senior faculty, may receive compensation for educational attainment comparable to that which their faculty receive, and are subject to the promotional process delineated in Procedure 2.1.5. (This does not apply to other staff not covered by union contract.)

  5. Exempt staff employees who perform work outside the normal expectation of their assigned duties may receive extra compensation. Normal work duties are defined in the job description. It is assumed that the work for which extra compensation is received will not interfere with these normal work duties. The supervisor determines whether extra compensation is warranted for work performed and must give prior approval. Work for extra compensation should not be performed during regular workday hours. Exemptions to this stipulation can only be granted by the senior cabinet officer ultimately responsible for the employee seeking such exception.

    Full-time A/P personnel may teach for LSSU but will not receive additional compensation for the teaching if done during the defined normal University working hours - Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. They may teach during normal working hours only with the approval of the respective Vice President.

    A/P staff may teach after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or on weekends and receive additional compensation, but only with Vice President approval.

  6. To maintain pay equity, those regular, non-exempt positions which are exempted or excluded from the ESP Union because of part-time status, but which perform duties similar to positions included in the ESP Union, (and are not excluded by the ESP Union contract Recognition Clause) will be classified by the ESP Union Classification System, and will be paid according to the ESP Union pay schedule. Applicable rate increases for these positions will be effective July 1 of the year ESP rates become effective.

    Such positions include all regular status part-time clerical and maintenance positions. Benefits accruing to these positions will follow the Administrative/Professional benefit schedule on the appropriate pro-rated basis.

  7. Temporary (less than six months in duration) hires in clerical/food service/maintenance/security positions will be paid a standard hourly rate, to be determined each year by the Director of Human Resources in consultation with the Budget Director, and will accrue no benefits (current rate is $9.00 per hour for clerical positions and $6.00 or $7.00 per hour for food service positions).

Starting or Promotional Rates:


President 1. Determines maximum hiring rate when position is approved on Form LSSU 372 - Approval of Positions.
Hiring Authority 2. When requesting a starting rate above pay range mid-point, reviews request with the Director of Human Resources.
Director of Human Resources 3. Reviews request to determine potential employee's education and experience qualifications.

4. Recommends starting rate based on relationship to other similar positions and incumbents to maintain internal consistency.

Hiring Authority 5. Submits request to the University President when requesting starting or promotional rates above the approved maximum hiring rate established above (1).
University President 6. Makes final determination of all requests for starting and promotional rates exceeding the approved maximum hiring rate; approval will be in writing.
Hiring Authority 7. If salary is below mid-point of range, or consistent with pre-approved hiring rate, processes payroll authorization in accordance with procedure 3.19.7.
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