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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.8.11
Subject: Staffing: Administrative/Professional Compensation Appeal Process Date of Present Issue: 10/01/90
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Employees disagreeing with their position comparison in the market survey for compensation comparison purposes may submit a formal appeal. Disagreements as to placement within a pay range are not covered by this appeal process.

Appeals must be submitted in writing and must outline duties and responsibilities additional to those normally performed by employees with similar positions in comparable institutions of higher education. Appeals must also include the Employee's argument regarding the contention and the relief requested.

Approved job descriptions on file in the Employee Relations Office shall be considered the official document describing the duties and responsibilities of Administrative/Professional positions.

Steps involved in employee compensation appeal process:

  1. The employee must submit a written appeal to the Manager of Labor Relations, with a copy to the appropriate Vice President or Cabinet member.

  2. The appropriate Vice President and/or Cabinet member shall submit the employee's written appeal, along with their recommendation, to the Appeals Committee.

  3. The Appeals Committee shall consist of the Manager of Labor Relations and one representative appointed by the Executive Vice President and one representative appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Each vice president shall appoint an alternate committee member who shall replace the permanent committee member when the position being appealed is under the supervision or management of the representative appointed by the vice president.

    The Appeals Committee shall meet and reviews the appeal and make a final determination.

    Cabinet members and members of the Appeals Committee wishing to appeal determinations regarding their individual positions must submit a written appeal to the President who shall make a final determination regarding such appeals.

  4. Determinations made by the Appeals Committee and the President shall be deemed final and shall not be appealable to the Board of Regents.
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