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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.8.3
Subject: Staffing: Approval of Positions Date of Present Issue: 07/01/93
  Date of Previous Issues:
08/86, 09/90, 02/93


All new positions, replacements for established positions, changes in appointments (i.e. from part-time to full-time), and all salary changes must follow this procedure prior to recruiting and hiring or implementation of a change, on Form LSSU 372 (Attachment 1).


In order to establish any new, regular, full or part-time position, to be added to the currently approved positions at the University, the following steps must be followed:

  1. The rationale for creating the new position must be clearly defined and stated on Form LSSU 372, "Position Replacement/ Addition Approval" (Attachment 1).

  2. It must be submitted for approval with a detailed job description, clearly defining the duties and the function of the job. The job description must be approved by the appropriate Cabinet member, or president if the position reports to him/her. (Assistance with writing job descriptions may be obtained from the Employee Relations Office).

  3. The approval format must include approval signatures of the submitting department head, the concurring Cabinet member, the budget office, and the President before the position is filled or change is made.

  4. Classification level or rank must be established by the appropriate committee or administrator prior to recruiting. The Employee Relations Office will furnish salary range, hourly rate or minimum for rank from Faculty Association contract.

  5. The supervisor of the hiring department will note a recommended hiring salary on the approval form. The President will set the maximum approved salary on the form prior to commencement of recruiting activities.

  6. Recruiting and hiring to fill the position must follow the procedure outlined in Section 4.8.4. of the Procedures Manual. All new positions will be advertised and posted internally and externally and a search for eligible candidates conducted.

  7. Selection and hiring of candidates must follow affirmative action/equal employment opportunity guidelines, and will be documented by the responsible department head. Assistance will be provided by the EEO Officer, as required.

  8. New positions are limited to the number of positions approved by the Board of Regents in the adoption of the annual budget. Any positions proposed which exceed the number of positions approved in the adoption of the annual budget must be submitted to the Personnel Committee for review and recommendation to the Board of Regents for action.


When the need arises for extra assistance for a short period of time, e.g. to complete a particular project, to augment staff on a seasonal basis, during leaves of regular employees, or for other short-term needs, recommendation and rationale will be provided by the appropriate vice president and approved by the president on a Position Replacement/ Addition Approval form (LSSU 372, Attachment 1), before an individual is hired. Temporary authorizations require prior budget approval, and must include a termination date, not to exceed one year.

Temporary employees will be granted the same fringe benefits that other University employees of the same classification receive if, 1) the temporary appointment is for a prior approval period of 6 months or more of continuous assignment, and 2) the employee's work assignment is for 27 hours or more per week. The fringe benefits will be provided to employees meeting the qualifications in 1 and 2 above regardless of the source of funding.


When an approved, existing University position becomes vacant due to resignation, retirement, or other reasons, an evaluation process will be followed to determine whether there continues to be a need to replace the person; whether the job has changed significantly and needs to be reviewed; whether its classification must be reviewed or whether it can be reduced to part-time or some other form of appointment. Vacant positions to be filled must follow the steps outlined for new positions.


When a vacancy occurs in a regular approved University position, on the recommendation of the appropriate vice president, the president may approve appointment of a qualified current staff member to fill the position on an "acting" basis (temporary appointment) for a period of up to one year, in order to provide time to review the position and conduct a search for a permanent replacement.

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