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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.8.8
Subject: Staffing: Employment of Students Date of Present Issue: 02/18/99
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/81, 03/87, 02/88


The primary purpose of the student employment program at LSSU is to provide financial assistance to those in need who perhaps could not attend school without financial aid, and to provide assistance to University staff; it is intended also to provide the student with a meaningful work experience, wherein "working for a living" responsibilities are learned and satisfaction is gained.

As part of the student's educational experience and financial aid package, student employment on campus is excluded from the University fringe benefits provided regular employees, not counted towards service time with the institution, and student employees do not accrue seniority with the University.

Responsibility for the student employment function of the University is coordinated in the Human Resources Office. Determination of work-study dollar allocations is the responsibility of the Financial Aid Office; control of expendable student wages is in the Budget Office; student hiring and placement is conducted by, and payroll authorizations, in most cases, are initiated by the Human Resources Office.

Students must be approved and authorized for employment, or for any changes in employment status, prior to performing any hours of work for which they are to be paid, except for emergency situations at the beginning of a term in food Service or Catering. Any student employed on an emergency basis must report to the Human Resources Office within two working days after employment has commenced, to complete payroll papers. (Certain departments with large student turnover, such as Food Service, may be authorized to complete payroll papers in their office.)

Students must be enrolled full-time in order to work on campus (or for 6 credits if on Work-study funds) and are limited to working 19 hours per week while the University is in session, and 40 hours per week at other times. Under no circumstances will students be allowed to work more than 40 hours per week. Supervisors must verify hours worked and sign time sheets for students under their supervision; students verify their hours when they sign their pay checks.

Departments are limited to employing students only for the number of hours for which budget funds have previously been authorized; work-study students will not be permitted to work beyond the hours authorized by the Financial Aid Office. Control of the number of hours worked, to determine that authorized limits are not exceeded, is the responsibility of the appropriate supervisor. Payroll reports will be provided each pay period to assist with this control. It is also the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that hours for which work was not performed are not reported on time sheets.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that all payroll papers have been completed by the student before employment commences. Payroll advances will not be permitted for student employees whose payroll papers are not competed by payroll processing deadlines; students in need of funds must arrange a short-term loan through the Financial Aid Office.

It is the duty of the supervisor in the hiring department to ensure that student assistants are fully utilized and productive during the hours they are assigned to the department. If a department is not able to provide sufficient tasks to fully utilize a student's assigned hours, the student should be sent to the Human Resources Office for reassignment. Students not getting sufficient hours or not able to handle assigned hours may request a transfer to another work location (Form LSSU 387-178, Attachment 2). The supervisor is accountable for the performance and productivity of students assigned to the department. Evaluations of student employees will be completed by supervisors and filed in the student's employment record. A student that is discharged for cause from a department may be reassigned once to another department with warning to rectify the problem. Repeated bad performance and instances of gross misconduct properly documented will result in discharge and no further employment at the University in that fiscal year or the rest of the student's university career, if warranted.


Department Head 1. Submits request for student assistance required for the coming year. (All departments desiring to employ specific students with specific skills shall make their requests known to the Human Resources Office.)
Financial Aid Office 2. After specific allocation of monies has been made, compiles a list of work-study allotments to eligible students; forwards list to the Human Resources Office; informs individual students of allocation.
Human Resources Office 3. a. Prioritizes departmental needs for student help.
   b. Fills as many student assistant positions with work-study students as are available or practical, to meet departmental requirements.
   c. Prepares work-study payroll authorizations and work assignment forms (Form LSSU 343-494 Attachment 3)
Student 4. All students desiring on-campus employment apply at the Human Resources Office. After receiving a work assignment, the student takes the form (LSSU 343-494) to the supervisor of the department to which he/she is assigned for an interview. If the student is acceptable to the department supervisor, the supervisor will sign the work assignment form. The student must also sign the work assignment form to indicate acceptance of the conditions of employment.

5. Returns the signed work assignment and payroll authorization form in person to the Human Resources Office, and presents his/her Social Security card and identifying documents, and completes W-4 tax withholding forms, an I-9 immigration form, a beneficiary form, as required by state and federal law and University policy, in order to be entered on the payroll system. These forms must be completed before the student begins working, except for emergencies.

6. Students will be paid on established University paydays. Paychecks will be distributed to departments where students work. A student's signature on a paycheck indicates verification of the hours worked.

Department Supervisor 7. After interview with student, signs student work authorization form to indicate acceptance of the student assigned to the area. If student is unacceptable, supervisor directs student to Human Resources for reassignment.

8. Assigns student to hours and tasks compatible with the student's schedule. Signs and submits time sheets to payroll by payroll deadline, for hours worked by student.

9. Supervises and evaluates student performance and productivity on the job. Periodically completes evaluation of each student (Form LSSU 304-193, Attachment 4); discusses evaluation with student; forwards form to Human Resources Office to file in student's employment record. Completes termination form (LSSU 232B-1095, Attachment 5) for students that resign or do not perform acceptably.

Human Resources Office 10. Completes W-4s, I-9 and other required papers for each student, and verifies student's enrollment status. Signs and forwards payroll authorization to payroll office for entry into payroll system.

11. Processes payroll authorization changes as requested by the Financial Aid Office, or reassignments requested by departments. Processes payroll termination forms when submitted by departments. Distributes copies of all student forms after processing. Maintains permanent files on student employees.

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