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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.8.9
Subject: Staffing: Pre-Employment Physical Examinations Date of Present Issue: 11/17/98
  Date of Previous Issues:
02/90, 05/96


All final candidates for Physical Plant, Food Service, Security, and certain clerical and other positions that require frequent heavy lifting or strenuous exertion, are required to pass a post-offer employment physical examination to ascertain general health and/or fitness for duty. This includes temporary and part-time positions.

After employment, individuals holding positions which require a valid chauffeur's license will be required to pass a physical exam every twelve months.

Individuals who have been employed in non-physical types of positions, who request or apply for transfer to food service, physical plant, security or other positions requiring employment physical exams, will be required to pass a physical exam as a condition of transfer to that position.

All required physical examinations will be performed at the University Health CARE Center and appointments must be made through the Human Resources Office. Results of physical exams will be kept in a separate confidential file in the Human Resources Office. Required physical exams will be paid for by the University through the Human Resources Office and charged back to the employing department.


  1. The hiring supervisor, on selection of a final candidate for jobs in the above listed areas, will notify the Human Resources Office, prior to making a final offer or commitment to hire the individual. Final determination of hiring is contingent upon candidate's ability to perform essential functions of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation.

  2. The Human Resources Office will make arrangements for a physical examination to be conducted at the Health CARE Center and will notify the prospective candidate of the date of appointment for the exam.

  3. The candidate will pick up the examination form at the Human Resources Office, which will serve as authorization for the exam, and will present it at the Health CARE Center at the time of the appointment.

  4. Upon completion of the exam, the candidate will sign the form, releasing the information to be used for employment determination purposes only. A copy will be given to the candidate, and a copy retained at the Center. The original will be mailed to the University Human Resources Office.

  5. The Human Resources Office will notify the department of the determination made by the Health CARE Center. The physical exam results will be kept in a separate confidential file.

  6. If results of the exam are acceptable for fitness for duty requirements, the hiring supervisor may then offer the candidate the position (as new hire or transfer).

  7. If the results of the exam indicate a disabling condition, or physical restriction on activity, the supervisor will consult with the Director of Human Resources and the appropriate cabinet member, to determine whether reasonable accommodations can be made for the disability in order to perform the essential functions of the position. This determination and reasons will be documented with the individual's application record. Accommodation will be described in writing and will be kept in the individual's file, if employed in the position.

Examples of positions requiring employment (pre-transfer) physical examinations:

  1. All Food Service Positions - food service helper, cook, dishroom coordinator
  2. All Building Custodial Positions
  3. Sports/Utilityman
  4. Skilled Trades
  5. Maintenance Mechanic and Mechanic
  6. Equipment/Groundskeeper and Landscaper
  7. Steam Plant Operator
  8. Motor Pool Stores Clerk
  9. Positions Operating a Shipping/Receiving Area
  10. Printing Production Technician
  11. Bookstore Sales Clerk, Textbook Assistant
  12. Security Department - director, officers
  13. Mechanical/Computer/and Telephone Technicians
  14. Child Care Center - supervisors, teachers
  15. Audio Visual Technician
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