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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.9.11
Subject: Other Working Conditions: Probationary Period-Non-Exempt, Hourly Employees Date of Present Issue: 3/1/87
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A non-exempt, hourly employee is a probationary employee for the first ninety (90) calendar days of employment. After completion of the first ninety (90) calendar days, the University may extend the probationary status for an additional ninety (90) calendar days. Any extension of the probationary period beyond the initial ninety (90) days must be communicated to the employee in writing and include reasons for such extension so that the employee might be able to correct any deficiencies. Upon completion of the probationary period, the employee shall be credited with that corresponding length of service (90 or 180 days). For bargaining unit members, the Union will be notified of any extension of the probationary period.

Before the end of the probationary period (or extension thereof) the probationary employee's work performance will be reviewed by the immediate supervisor and a change of status recommended.


Employee Relations Office 1. At the time of hire, forwards 30-day Probationary Employee Evaluation form (LSSU a Attachment #1) to the immediate supervisor and requests return of the form after the first thirty (30) days of employment.
Immediate Supervisor 2. Evaluates probationary employee; completes 30-day Probationary Employee Evaluation form; reviews contents with employee; forwards form with recommendation to either 1) continue probationary period, or 2) terminate employee, to department head for concurrence.
Department Head 3. Signs if in agreement with recommendation; returns form to Employee Relations Office by date specified.
Employee Relations Office 4. Files 30-day evaluation form in employee's personnel file; initiates recommended action: i.e. termination form; or, forwards 90-day Probationary Employee Evaluation form (LSSU b, Attachment #2) to immediate supervisor and requests return by end of the 90-day probationary period.
Immediate Supervisor 5. Evaluates employee's probationary period; completes 90-day evaluation form; reviews contents with employee; forwards with recommendation to department head to either:
  1. Place employee on regular employment status.
  2. Terminate employee, or
  3. Extend probationary period for an additional 90 days.
Department Head 6. Signs form if in agreement with recommendation; returns 90-day evaluation form to the Employee Relations Office; initiates recommended action:
  1. Completes payroll authorization to place employee on regular employment status,
  2. Completes termination form, or
  3. Completes Extension of Probationary Period form (LSSU c, Attachment #3); gives copy of form to employee.

If probationary period is extended, completes either payroll authorization or termination at end of extension period as recommended.

Employee Relations Office 7. Informs appropriate vice president of action taken; informs union president of action taken; files appropriate forms in employee's personnel file.
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