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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.9.18
Subject: Visitors and Children on Campus Date of Present Issue:
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Lake Superior State University welcomes visits from friends, family and/or former students and employees. However, such visits should be brief so they do not interfere with the conduct of University business. The following guidelines address the nature and duration of workplace visits.

  1. The routine or extended presence of friends, family, former employees and students, when and where staff are working at the University, represents an undesired and unwarranted risk of liability. Such visits interrupt the conduct of University business and must be kept brief and infrequent. (Non-University personnel in the workplace present not only the possibility of injury to the visitor, but the potential for miscommunication among employees, exposure of confidential information or other unintended occurrences.)

    This prohibition extends to visits by off duty LSSU staff. Off duty staff members may, of course, briefly visit University offices to conduct business (e.g. pick up a paycheck, check on business issues, etc.)

  2. The presence and care of infants and children other than through registration at the Child Development Center or other camps or programs in which a child is enrolled at the University is not permitted. The presence of children at any University work location creates significant safety and liability considerations for the University, requires the attention of a parent, and diverts attention from academic or job performances, thus is not permitted.

    University employees often have available to them various leave provisions which can be used to meet childcare responsibilities. Leave information is available in the Human Resources Office.

  3. Children or visitors to the University are specifically prohibited from performing any task that is assigned to an employee. Job shadowing is allowed with the vice president’s approval.

  4. Proctoring of tests is also allowed with approved faculty absence request form signed by department chair and/or vice president. Approved faculty absence request must include the name of the individual proctoring the test.

  5. Individuals serving as volunteers on behalf of the University are always welcome. Volunteer usage must be approved in advance by the supervisor of the department in which they are working. A Volunteer Agreement form (attachment #1) is available on the HR web page.

Violations of this policy are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

The emeritus space in the Library is exempt from this policy.

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