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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.9.4
Subject: Other Working Conditions: Evaluation of Employee Performance Date of Present Issue: 04/01/89
  Date of Previous Issues:
03/87, 12/87


Fulfillment of the University's mission is directly dependant on successful performance of all employees. Performance Evaluation provides for communication between supervisors and employees to promote successful performance. Faculty will be evaluated by department heads, as outlined in the Agreement with the Faculty Association. Members of the ESP bargaining unit will be evaluated by supervisors at least once a year using the rating form in Attachment 2. The following procedure will apply for all non-union employees.

Department heads are expected to conduct periodic performance evaluations of employees in their departments for the purpose of reinforcing satisfactory performance, correcting unsatisfactory performance, and for setting goals and expectations for the individuals and the department. All performance evaluations must be discussed with the employee involved. Written performance evaluations must be conducted for each employee a minimum of once a year. A copy of the written report must be given to the employee and a copy placed in the employee's personnel file in the Employee Relations Office by June 1 of each year.


For Non-Union Employees

Employee Relations Office 1. Issues evaluation form and job description to the supervisor for each employee in his/her area of responsibility, at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1).
Supervisor 2. Reviews job description with the employee; jointly establishes goals and objectives and completes Part A by September 1st of each year.

Part A - Performance Plan
Lists major areas of responsibility from job description; prioritizes responsibilities with employee; sets goals and objectives to meet these responsibilities with the employee; completes, signs, and obtains employee's signature on Part A of form; sets date for evaluation of the goals within six to eight months of initial meeting (no later than April 1).

3. Part B - Performance Evaluation
(to be completed by April 1 of each year)

Assesses degree of attainment of established goals in relation to expected standards; Completes performance evaluation, using specific examples to illustrate degree of attainment of goals.

Part C - Performance Summary
Summarizes evaluation of overall performance for the year. Lists recommendations for continuing development and improvement.

4. Meets with employee, conducts the appraisal interview, and reviews Parts A, B, and C of evaluation form. Discusses past performance and possible development activities.

Employee 5. Signs Part C of evaluation form; adds any comments, if desired. (Employee may wish to expand in writing on supervisor's comments or indicate disagreement with evaluation. This should be stapled to Part C of form.)
Supervisor 6. Signs Part C; submits to his/her superior for review.
Second-Line Supervisor 7. Reviews entire document to determine that it has been done correctly and according to standard procedure. Attempts to resolve any differences noted on Summary page between employee and supervisor. Signs Summary page, Part C and forwards to Employee Relations for distribution.
Employee Relations Office 8. Distributes copies: pink to employee; yellow copy for departmental file; original to be retained in the Employee Relations office.

9. Files original in employee's personnel file. Confirms that annual evaluations are con-ducted for all non-faculty employees.

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