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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 4.9.8
Subject: Other Working Conditions: Parking Permits Date of Present Issue: 03/01/87
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/79, 11/81


Registration and Permits

All motor vehicles regularly operated on campus by employees or students must be registered at the Administration Building, Information Center. New employees must register their cars at the time of hire. All other employees must register their cars each year during the annual registration period.

Employees with more than one vehicle may request up to two parking permits per year free of charge. Holders of more than one permit should have no more than one vehicle parked on campus at any one time in designated parking areas. The parking decals issued must be attached permanently in the location designated in the parking ordinances (See Section 3.23.3).

A copy of parking and traffic regulations is given to each person obtaining a permit. Speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour. The free parking privilege does not exempt any employee from the payment of any parking fines for violation of published parking regulations.

Temporary Parking Permits

Visitor or temporary parking permits, for periods of no longer than two weeks, may be obtained at no charge from the information center or security office in the Administration Building.


The operation of snowmobiles is not permitted anywhere on University property.

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