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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 5.1.1
Subject: Admissions: Applications Processing Date of Present Issue: 06/28/00
  Date of Previous Issues:
07/79, 08/88


The Registrar's Office will process applications for admission in the following manner:


Applicant 1. Fills out Application for Admission (attachment #1) or Application for Readmission (attachment #2). Submits form to the Registrar's Office along with the $20 processing fee. Requests high school and/or college transcript(s) be sent to LSSU's Registrar's Office.
Registrar's Office 1. Logs the $20 processing fee on a mail opening sheet. Stamps accompanying transcripts official or unofficial. Enters student's name, address, phone, desired curriculum and term of entry, etc. into the computer system. Looks for additional academic information previously submitted by the student. Gives application to processor to determine eligibility for admission.

2. Calculates student's high school and/or previous college(s) grade point average. Enters GPA, test scores and other pertinent information into the computer system. Makes an admission decision based on set guidelines (in most cases computer system will make decision using the automated decision making function). Automated letter prints the following day. Processor reviews letter for errors, stamps letter with Admission Director's signature stamp, makes a copy for file, attaches any enclosures and mails.

3. Prints a student "profile" to be kept in the student's hard copy folder. Provides a copy of the profile to the student's academic department and the Financial Aid Office.

4. Prepares a transfer credit evaluation for all transfer students, showing how each class transfers to LSSU. Provides a copy of the evaluation to the student's academic department.

5. Updates the student's record in the computer system as new information on the applicant is received. Communicates any changes in the admissions decision to the student in writing.

Computer Services 1. Performs nightly backup of student computerized records.
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