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Section: Employee/Labor Relations Section Number: 5.3.2
Subject: Counseling and Testing: President's Achievement Award Date of Present Issue: 05/27/88
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The President's Achievement Award (PAA) is an annual fall competition for seniors from high schools within the University's primary service area. To be eligible for the competition, a senior must have a cumulative grad point average of 3.5 or better, or most be a National Merit semi-finalist. The competition currently carries the following awards, all of which are renewable for up to four year: first place - $2,400, second and third place - $2,000, fourth and firth place - full tuition. PAA competitors who apply for admission to Lake Superior State University are invited to participate in the spring in a special College-level Examination Program (CLEP) testing program for which all charges are waived.


Executive Vice President 1. Sets October date for competition after consultation with counseling Office and President's Office. Reserves facilities in Walker Cisler Conference Center and makes arrangement for luncheon for participants.

2. Contacts high schools for names of eligible participants. Sends invitation to prospective participants over President's signature. Logs responses.

Counseling Office 1. Has on hand and administers the selected standard examination on test date. Corrects examinations and prepares report on order or finish.
Executive Vice President 1. Notifies contestants; notification includes a reminder of spring CLEP testing. Furnishes Office of Public Affairs and Information with names of winners.
Public Affairs and Information 1. Issues news releases on winners.
Executive Vice President and Counseling Office 1. Sets spring date for CLEP testing session. Reserves testing area.

2. Notifies contestants who have applied for admission to LSSU of CLEP test data. Logs responses.

Counseling Office 1. Administers CLEP examination. Evaluates examinations and indicated academic credit earned.
Executive Vice President 1. Notifies participants of CLEP results and furnishes name of PAA winner to Office of the President.

2. Prepares certificates for PAA winners and participants receiving CLEP credit. Certificate for first place PAA winner is sent to the Office of the President. All others are mailed to the appropriate high schools for distribution at spring awards assemblies.

President or Designate 1. Awards PAA winners' certificates at appropriate honors assembly.
Registrar 1. Enters CLEP credit on transcripts of entering students. Notifies academic departments and academic advisors of CLEP credit earned.
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