Redefining the Classroom

Chemistry is the central science, and the study of chemical behavior is fundamental to many applications in the other scientific disciplines. As a result, a degree in chemistry can lead to wide variety of exiting careers in drug development, forensic science, material sciences, pharmacy and medicine, toxicology, and more!

The quality of a LSSU education is demonstrated by the top flight graduate and professional schools our graduates attend, such as: MIT, U.C. Berkeley, Syracuse, Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Johns Hopkins, UNLV, Texas A&M, Quinnipiac, Minnesota, Ohio State, Toronto, Oregon, etc.

Why Students Choose Chemistry at LSSU

  • The program is approved by the American Chemical Society
  • 62% of graduates attend graduate school directly following graduation with full funding
  • 100% placement rate for graduates entering the workforce
  • Chemistry and Environmental Students are eligible to live in Huron Hall, a living learning community


Career Choices

A degree in the chemical sciences continues to be a good educational investment, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a median salary for chemists of $69,700 per year. A recent study of new college graduates showed that chemistry majors have among the best employment prospects, and some of the best starting salaries within the scientific disciplines.

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Inorganic Chemist
  • Synthetic Organic Chemist
  • Physical Chemist
  • Pharmacy & Medicine