Redefining the Classroom

Real-World Experiences

Our program is designed to help you gain the skills needed in the workplace. Our curriculum is designed to give you the skills you need to begin to solve problems. Students gain experience by working on real projects, giving them real world experiences before they graduate.

In the sophomore projects course you will to learn how to analyze the needs of the client, design a project and implement a solution for a real world problem. Students work with clients at the university or in the community, or completing an internship or a research project!

In your senior year, you will complete two semesters of a senior project course, where you will be challenged with other real-world problems and manage larger and more complex projects. You will develop soft skills such as communicating with clients, preparing written documentation and technical reports, delivering presentations and training to clients, and effectively and working on teams.

This degree provides a solid background in computer science with supporting coursework in applied mathematics and business. Adding an appropriate minor field of study can complement the program, as well as give the graduate a competitive edge in the work force.

Our Curriculum

We have a strong computer science curriculum. Our program design is current and prepares our students for employment. The curriculum reflects the changes in the technologies and trends used in business, job advertisements and the Computer Science Curricula.

Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. Some develop the applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer or other device.  Others develop the underlying systems that run the devices or control networks

Current Technologies and Facilities

LSSU is a member of the Apple University program, providing students with access to the software needed to learn how to create mobile applications for Apple devices. Students in the mobile applications programming course develop iPhone applications using Apple laptops.

Our facilities provide students with the tools they need. Students have 24-hour access to two dedicated labs!

Using VMWare and virtual machines, students are able to gain experiences across multiple operating systems and programming languages.

At LSSU, students learn a variety of programming languages including C#, C/C++, Java, Perl, Lua, JavaScript, PHP, Objective-C with Swift, SQL (MySQL/SQL Server), ASP with MVC.

Choosing the Right Academic Program for You!

Most of the careers in computer and information systems require at least a bachelor degree. At LSSU you can choose the academic program that works for you. Some students pursuing a bachelor degree in computer science also choose to complete an associate's degree or a minor in business, accounting, mathematics or web development. Some students choose to complete the associate degree and continue on to finish your bachelor degree.

Students, who choose other careers, may also choose to minor in computer science. Students who major in accounting, business and managements, teaching and physical and biological sciences may benefit by combining their knowledge of programming with their primary field.

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Student Activities

LSSU has an active student chapter of ACM. Students participate in annual programming competitions.

LSSU hosted the 2014 ACM North Central North America Regional Programming Contest where 23 teams participated from regional universities. Groups of three students competed against 273 other teams from 67 schools at seventeen regional sites. According to tradition, each time a team correctly answered a problem, the team was awarded a balloon corresponding to the "color" of the problem!

"The contest is all about applying the knowledge and skills that students learned in the classroom in order to solve problems as well as to provide students with experience working in small groups." - Dr. Kalata

Competing as a team of 1 against teams of 3 student programmers, Lake Superior State University student Paul Carley of Sault Ste. Marie took third place at the eighth annual Northern Michigan University Programming Contest.

Carley, and 15 other LSSU students competed in the contest with four other universities and 24 teams total.

"We had 16 LSSU students that wanted to compete this year, so I made five teams of three and just put Paul on a team by himself," said Mark Terwilliger, Computer Science Professor, ."For him to finish third is a remarkable effort."

Students taking computer science have a wide range of interests.

Students are active in many non-academic clubs around campus including the Doctor Who Club and members of athletic teams. 

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