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Alum Success

“I chose LSSU expecting a very good engineering education. What I didn’t expect was faculty with real-world engineering experience and abilities, labs with real-world equipment, projects with real-world outcomes, and an entire campus staff with real interest in my success, as a student and yet today. My LSSU engineering education has created or supported every desired career opportunity. LSSU was absolutely the right place for me.”

Dan Goodrich,
Mechanical Engineering 1999,
Vehicle Test & Development,
Electronic Brake Systems Group

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

LSSU's Prototype Development Center puts manufacturing methods, mechanical services, materials testing, electronics, computers and robotics at a company's disposal so it can create functional prototypes of any product
Your Career

With a Mechanical Engineering degree career opportunities are wide open including such areas as product design, component design, automotive systems design and testing, packaging and manufacturing design, process design, and product and/or process development.

Nearly 100-percent placement of graduates as engineers.

Student taking the robotics option you will find companies that are involved in robotics and automation specifically seek out LSSU graduates.

For those who take the vehicle systems option will be prepared for a future in one of the surface vehicle industries: Automotive, Rail, On-Highway (Heavy Trucks), Off-Road & Recreational, Agriculture & Construction, and other industries.

The Best Choice for Me

Erin (Skidmore) Madeline"Having grown up in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, I always knew that LSSU was a possibility for college, but I always wanted to go away to school. I attended the LSSU Women in Technology summer camp and was aware of the accredited engineering programs and the quality of the facilities. Even though I toured other universities where I had been accepted, none of them impressed me as much as LSSU, so I decided to give LSSU a try for a year.

Well, one year turned into more. I liked the small, historical campus so much that I decided to stay. LSSU had a lot to offer both in and out of the classroom. I participated in a variety of campus clubs and activities. I met a ton of great people, including my husband. My experience were so memorable, I wanted to maintain a relationship with LSSU and became a member of the4 Alumni Association Board of Directors.

The engineering programs have a variety of options from which to select. Class sizes are small and the faculty and staff are always willing to go that extra mile to help students. Coursework include a lot of hands-on lab work. And the senior year design project experience definitely prepared me for the "real world" of engineering.

Upon graduating with a degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology, I earned a job as a Material Flow Engineer within the Material Planning & Logistics department of Ford Motor Company. Even though I did not have that specific training, the preparation I received from the classes at LSSU applied to my job far more. So much, that I was just recently asked to join the Premium Logistics Management team, another department within the MP&L organization."

--Erin (Skidmore) Madeline, '00
Material Planning & Logistics
Ford Motor Company


Whether it be a single gear or a complete automobile engine, the complete set of events that results in a finished product is planned and implemented by a manufacturing engineer. Once you graduate from LSSU, you will have many manufacturing career choices ranging from applied technical research to management of systems and personnel. Typical graduates have obtained engineering and technology positions in design of automated manufacturing systems, computer-aided design and manufacturing, quality control, robotics applications, automotive component manufacturing, design of manufacturing processes and equipment, maintenance, sales and management of manufacturing systems. Some graduates have also transferred to graduate schools to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees.

  • AAR Mobility Systems
  • Algoma Tubes
  • Applied Manufacturing Technologies
  • Automation Tooling Systems
  • Axxis Corporation
  • CTA Acoustics
  • Destaco Company
  • ESSAR Steel Algoma
  • Ford Motor Company - Material Flow Engineering
  • GE Engine Services
  • Graybar Electric
  • Halliburton
  • Honeywell - Technology Solutions Inc.
  • Hydro Automotive Structures
  • Interface Innovations
  • Johnson Controls
  • JR Automation
  • Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc.
  • Marathon Petro
  • Moran Iron Works
  • Reptron Mfg. Services
  • Robotek Contracting & Consulting
  • SCA Schucker
  • Schlumberger
  • Stryker
  • The Little Tikes Company
  • Walbro Engine Management


Dereck Wonnacutt Robotics and Computer Science

"Lake Superior State is the only robotics program of its kind in the country. I can work up any research or senior project idea with a professor or my advisor. I studied for a year in Japan through LSSU's connection with the Japan Center for Michigan Universities, and became fluent in Japanese. A Japanese company called Fanuc makes most of the robots in our lab. I'd like to roll my senior research project into a career with Fanuc that bridges the two countries and cultures."

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