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Alum Success

"I chose to transfer to Lake Superior State University because of the personal attention I would receive. I did not want to attend a large university where I would be a number lost in the masses. The well-rounded curriculum allowed me to obtain my position at John Deere. Having a good balance of theory and hands-on knowledge is critical for my position and Lake State gave me a good foundation in these skills."

Maria DiValentin, Mechanical Engineering 2001
Field Service Representative,
John Deere Power Systems
Waterloo, IA

Mechanical Engineering

LSSU is 1 of only 3 universities in the U.S. with a robotics specialization at the undergraduate level

Vehicle Systems Option

You'll learn how to project vehicle performance through analytical skills and computer simulation, how to test using modern instrumentation, and how to design for it using a perspective of the vehicle as a complete system. As you progress, you'll develop a competence with specific sub-systems and parts.

LSSU students test vehicle components in one of a variety of labs.

Robotics and Automation Option

Simulation and off-line programming (OLP) are valuable in teaching robotics courses and as a practical tool to show engineering and technology students how to design work cells using a computer.

The Robotics and Automation Laboratory has over $1 million in robotics equipment. Courses in systems integration and machine vision, automated manufacturing systems, and robotics engineering prepare you for robotics careers in the fields of applications, design, software, equipment development, and controls. Students work with Karel and V+ software, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and application of C programming concepts.


From Robotic Simulation and Off-line Programming: From Academia to Industry, Robotics Online:

Professor Jim Devaprasad, Director of LSSU Robotics, says,

“Simulation and off-line programming (OLP) are valuable in teaching robotics courses and as a practical tool to show engineering and technology students how to design work cells using a computer. Students, while not hurting anything or anyone through the use of OLP and simulation, learn a great deal about robotic technology."

“Students like to see immediate results through watching a virtual robot. Students are as equally excited as using a simulated robot as when using an actual robot. We teach students how to develop code and see the results by animating the robot. Programming and learning robotics processes in a virtual world is an effective precursor to using an actual robot.”

“Using OLP and simulation in a demonstration opens prospective engineering students’ eyes and sparks interest in software and technology. Getting qualified people who understand both robotics hardware and simulation software in combination is a challenge for many engineering companies. Not many people are proficient at both, but our students are.”

Staubli and Adept robots share rotary index tables and a roller conveyor system in an L-line set-up controlled by V+ programming and PLCs.

Meet our Robots

  • Staubli: One of the fastest and most accurate articulated robots with six degrees of freedom.
  • Adept: Made by the only U.S. robot manufacturer and one of the most widely used selective compliance articulate robot arm (SCARA) type robots fitted with machine vision
    systems and cameras.
  • Fanuc: From the Arcmate family with six degrees of freedom built by one of the world’s largest robot manufacturers.
  • Motoman: One of the three largest robotics companies and one of America’s fastest-growing companies.

Chemistry and Environment

Our students will find themselves working in labs and in the field, in water and water pollution control, solid and hazardous waste, and environment systems analysis.




Dereck Wonnacutt Robotics and Computer Science

"Lake Superior State is the only robotics program of its kind in the country. I can work up any research or senior project idea with a professor or my advisor. I studied for a year in Japan through LSSU's connection with the Japan Center for Michigan Universities, and became fluent in Japanese. A Japanese company called Fanuc makes most of the robots in our lab. I'd like to roll my senior research project into a career with Fanuc that bridges the two countries and cultures."

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