Redefining the Classroom

Faculty and Staff

Faculty within the Fire Science program has excellent working relationships with local and state agencies. Given that all Fire Science students have to complete an internship, it is essential that the faculty maintain those relationships, as well as fostering new internship sites, for the benefit of our students. Students accomplish a variety of experiences during the internship (FIRE403). Many associate themselves with a fire department in some capacity, such as in a planning division, prevention and education, code inspection/enforcement, fire cause investigation, firefighter/paramedic, and budget/administrative. Some students will join the DNR or USFS fire crews working in Canada and the U.S. The evaluation of these students by their supervisors provides the faculty with feedback about how our program prepares students for their careers. It should be noted that students have done projects for Sault Ste. Marie F.D. and other regional volunteer F.D.'s, in-state and out-of-state F.D.'s, Office of Emergency Services, local school districts, private plants and firms, public buildings, churches, hazardous materials sites, and Lake Superior State University.

Jihane Mauze'

BS 2010, Fire Science, Lake Superior State University
MS 2014, Fire and Emergency Management Admin, Ohio State University

Janine Murray

Academic Assistant
AD 1984, Bay de Noc Community College

Ms. Janine Murray is the Administrative Assistant for the School of Criminal Justice, Fire Science & EMS.  She has 25 years of service at LSSU. She was the recipient of the Employee of the Year 1999-2000, and Staff Member of the Year 2013-14.  She holds an Associate degree from Bay de Noc Community College.

Ms. Murray assists students with personal, academic, medical, and career issues.  She has been nominated for administrative employee of the year for virtually every year she has been with the School.   She provides administrative support for Michigan Fire Fighters Training Council, Mission Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Michigan Department of Corrections, and Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for Emergency Medical Services Professions. 

Ms. Murray works and serves on two University service committees and is an elected union representative. Serves as informal counselor and advisor to our students. 


"The Fire Science Program at Lake Superior State University is outstanding as it combines the practical skills needed in the fire service as well as a strong academic degree. The graduates are the fire chiefs and administrators of the future."

--Paige Gordier