Redefining the Classroom


Our graduates succeed!

Within one month of graduation all of the 2007 LSSU geology graduates either had jobs or had accepted offers to attend graduate school.

David Tatum"Entering Lake Superior State University in the fall of 2001, I worked as a research assistant in geomagnetics from 2003 through 2005. In the spring of 2005, I received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Geology from Lake Superior State University, and in the fall, I entered the University of Texas at El Paso graduate school pursuing a Master’s of Science in Geology. While working on this degree, I was awarded a teaching assistantship. And I also received internship with Chevron Corp. in New Orleans, Louisiana, working as a geologist in the summer of 2006 exploring offshore deposits of hydrocarbons. Chevron offered me a full time position as a geologist upon completion of his Master's Degree in the spring of 2007, which I accepted."

“I was initially attracted to the LSSU Geology Department by the advanced courses that were offered. Tectonics Systems was my favorite class, teaching me how dynamic an earth we live on and how tectonic systems evolve. The class involved a weeklong trip across the Appalachian Mountains studying its formation and mountain building system. The LSSU Geology Department prepared me well for graduate school and for a professional career. Peers and colleagues are impressed with Lake Superior State’s graduates and our exposure to the different facets of geology. My LSSU studies took me to Northern Ontario, the Appalachian Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Black Hills and the American Southwest. It also provided me with multiple opportunities on the professional level, such as offers from energy and environmental companies.”

--David Moore Tatum
Chevron Corp.
New Orleans, Louisiana

LSSU graduates are pursuing graduate degrees in geology at various universities around the United States:

  • Amanda (Freeman) DeClercq - Weston Solutions, Detroit, MI (environmental industry)
  • Kelsey Andersen - Talus Environmental Consulting, Golden, CO (environmental industry)
  • Kurt Johnston - Exxon, Houston, TX (oil industry)
  • Dave Tatum - Chevron Corp., New Orleans, LA (oil industry)
  • Kimberly Chauvin - CVRD Inco, Sudbury, Ontario (Copper-Nickel mining)
  • Lisa Boettcher - Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality, Helena, MT (government)
  • Tyron Black - Michigan Dept. of Environmental Quality, Gaylord, MI (government)
  • Amy Englebrecht - University of California – Berkeley (graduate school)
  • Levi Heintzelman - Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO (graduate school)
  • Alyssa Bancroft - Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (graduate school)


LSSU students Joe Lori and Dan LaPorte collected samples in New Mexico and Joe is now completing laboratory data collection and analysis at LSSU. The New Mexico project is a collaborative magnetic/paleontological study with Drs. Lew Brown (LSSU) and Carl Rexroad (Indiana Geological Survey). The focus of this project is understanding paleoclimate change and how it is preserved in the geologic record. Students will ultimately present their results by means of oral and/or written publications at the national level.

"The education I received from LSSU has made it very easy to advance in my career.  I learned a great deal of knowledge regarding the field of geology as well as how to write a technical report.  I have received several compliments regarding my writing abilities from Senior Project Managers."

--Carolyn E. (McCullough) Powrozek
Golder Associates Inc. Wixom, Michigan

LSSU has a great reputation for placing Geology students in graduate and professional schools, such as:

  • University of Illinois
  • University of Kansas

Our graduates who enter the work force are reporting salaries of:

The median salary of the 2007 geology graduates is $55,000.

  • $35,000 in the environmental field
  • $80,000 in minerals
  • $85,000 in energy fuels

We have also have alumni making over $100,000 dollars per year, within their first year after obtaining a Master of Science degree. What a great time be a geologist!