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C. Ernest Kemp Endowed Scholarship

C. Ernest Kemp was one of the original instructors of the Sault Branch of Michigan College of Mining and Technology in 1946 and founder of the initial earth science program at LSSU. The world-renowned geologist was the recipient of LSSU's Distinguished Citizen Award in 1981, the first and only full-time faculty member to be selected for the award. He retired in 1980 and was awarded Dean Emeritus status, but continued teaching at LSSU until 1993. This scholarship is awarded to a high school senior admitted to the geology program. The recipient is selected based on high school grades, ACT score and class rank.

John Kalesky Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Elizabeth Kalesky in memory of her son, John Kalesky, a 1985 LSSU geology alumnus. In 1987, he was a recipient of the prestigious American Association of Petroleum Geologists Foundation Grant-in-aid for pursuit of graduate studies. Only 74 such grants were awarded nationwide. John was a very creative thinker, highly inquisitive, and always aggressively wanting action and results. He was an outstanding student at LSSU, a very creative individual and, in recognition of his outstanding undergraduate record, he was awarded a graduate assistantship to pursue M.S. studies at New Mexico State University . He worked hard and took his coursework very seriously and he also enjoyed life to the fullest. At the time of his death in 1989, he was employed with Shell Oil Company in Houston , Texas . Awarded to an entering freshman majoring in geology, the recipient must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher with selection based on ACT score and class rank.

Norma & Weldon Fritch Scholarship

This named scholarship is established by Dr. Todd G. Fritch (’93) and his wife Jennifer to honor Todd’s grandparents, Norma and Weldon, for their loving guidance and financial support while he attended college at LSSU. Although neither attended college, both recognized the importance of education and instilled at an early age a commitment toward earning a college degree. Having visited LSSU many times, both Norma and Weldon were strongly supportive and appreciative of the personalized learning environment provided by the University. This scholarship benefits a LSSU geology or natural science major with at least 56 LSSU credits and a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Geology Club Scholarship

Founded in 1946 by Professor C. Ernest Kemp, the Geology Club is the oldest established student club at the University. The club's purpose is to foster personal and professional growth through geology-related activities. Established in 1982, the scholarship is funded by proceeds from the sale of a geology lab manual written by Professor Lew Brown and LSSU geology students.

Paul Kelso
"My research focuses on the magnetic characteristics of rocks and what they tell us about earth processes such as climate, deformation of rocks, and movement of tectonic plates. Six LSSU students have co-authored nationally published manuscripts or abstracts with me during the past four years. During the last five years, 20 different students have worked with me on either magnetics or geoscience education research. This activity provides students with the experience of solving complex problems in a 'real world' situation and provides a high level of motivation in the sense that a product, a published abstract or paper, is within reach. Because most of my projects are collaborative, students also often have the opportunity to work with faculty and graduate students from research institutions."

--Paul Kelso, PhD