Redefining the Classroom

Laboratory Facilities

Nursing students engage in a simulated environment at LSSU's brand-new state-of-the-art simulation center.

Nursing Lab

Nursing Lab
The state-of-the-art equipment has brought about an incredible transformation in nursing education at LSSU, and it is not only students who are benefiting from the simulation center – community nurses, emergency response personnel, and others in the healthcare field are also learning and reinforcing their skills in the facility, especially now that they are able to practice on tele-health equipment that is extremely valuable in this region.

“Our community hospital, War Memorial Hospital, is one of our best customers,” said Prof. Jodi Orm, Director of Simulation Education at LSSU. “The hospital has identified that simulation for competency training is an effective and cost-saving strategy in staff education."

"The obstetrics department recently held a day of simulation at our center that concentrated on improving responses to OB emergencies," Orm continued. "I don't think the staff expected to also walk away with a greater sense of communication between nurses and doctors. I saw some very important 'system' discussions occurring during that day between the team. There is no doubt that a mom and baby’s life will be saved one day because of that one day of training.”

Orm said the tele-health equipment is especially valuable for emergency response personnel who respond to laboring mothers in remote areas of the community. LSSU and the Eastern Upper Peninsula are only beginning to see the benefits of the tele-health capabilities.