Redefining the Classroom

Faculty and Staff

Sally Childs

Sally Childs, Ph.D.

BS 1971, Eastern Michigan University
MS 1978, Northern Michigan University
PhD 1986, Ohio State University

LSSU Distinguished Teacher Award
Michigan Board of Governor's Award

Debra McPherson

Debra K. McPherson

Assistant Professor, School Chair
BS 1974, MA 1982, Northern Michigan University

MEA Outstanding Educator "Bell" Award
LSSU Sports Hall of Fame Inductee
30 year Service Award at LSSU
Golden Anchor Award

Colleen Barr

Colleen Barr

Academic Assistant
School of Recreation Studies and Exercise Science

Lake Superior State University Recreational Studies Professor Sally Childs (right) chats with a former student of hers, Trevor McGinn, about his work at Wells State Park in Menominee County. Childs hosts a half-hour radio show on student radio station WLSO FM 90.1