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Alum Success

"I am currently enrolled in graduate school, doing both therapy and diagnostic testing with a multitude of age ranges. In therapy, I work with children, adolescents, adults and also provide marriage counseling, parent guidance and family therapy. Diagnostic testing gives me an opportunity to work with a wide range of referral questions such as learning difficulties, attention difficulties, gastric bypass evaluations, intellectual and personality measures. Lake Superior State University gave me a strong background in statistics and other courses that provided me with the skills to success and prepared me for graduate school."

Jacey Cook
Psychology Alum,
Graduate Student
University of Detroit Mercy


Faculty and Staff
Outside the Classroom

Russell Searight, Ph.D

Associate Professor
Division Head of Social Sciences
BA 1979, Butler University
MS 1982 Saint Louis University
MPH 2002 Saint Louis University School of Public Health
Ph.D 1984 Saint Louis University


Kristina Olson-Pupek, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
BS 1993, University of Maryland
MA 1996, Eastern New Mexico University
PhD 2002, University of Washington



"In 'Theories of Personality', students learn the major approaches to understanding how and why people are similar and different. After studying each of the major theorists, we then look at how their ideas influence psychotherapy and counseling, education, and how we behave in the work place.

An entire course devoted to 'Family Therapy' is rare in undergraduate institutions. In my class, we critically examine the major theories for understanding family distress and how therapists actually work to help children and families."

--Russell Searight, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology

Psychology Driven...

Mary-Ellen Psychology

"LSSU is a relatively small school and I believe for this reason I have received a better education. The close atmosphere as opposed to a larger university has provided me with an opportunity to become acquainted with my professors. The professors therefore have an opportunity to assist with problems fairly easily, especially in upper level classes. The classes are fairly small also which provides one on one conversations which is very helpful." [ more ]

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