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Faculty Agreement Documents (2014-2017)

Document Description
The 2014-2017 Faculty Agreement including MOUs or LOAs where applicable
Appendix C1: Professional Activities Report The report submitted by all faculty who are scheduled for a Summative Evaluation
Appendix C2: Yearly Activity Report The report completed by all faculty not scheduled for a Summative Evaluation
Appendix C4: Professional Activities Weighting Form v.5 Revised on May 18 to unlock the name field, revised on May 14, 2015 so minimums cell will not show "N/A". A protected Excel workbook used to calculate the Overall Weighting incorporating the MOU of September 11, 2014.
Appendix C5: Evaluation Narrative Reviewed by the immediate supervisor to prepare the Summative Evaluation Report
Appendix C7: Student Ratings form for Teaching Sample only - schools must request machine readable copies from AV
Appendix C8: Student Ratings form for Advising Sample only - schools must request machine readable copies from AV
Appendix C9: Instructional Evaluation Form A Word document incorporating the MOU of October 7, 2014.
Print and use for evaluations of the instructional setting
Appendix C10: Summative Evaluation Report (June 2015) A comprehensive evaluation of a faculty member’s performance (former: Appendix C10)
Appendix D: Tenure Appeal Form As defined in Section 9.6 of The Agreement
Appendix E: Teaching Qualifications Form As defined in Section 11.2 of The Agreement
Appendix F: Grievance Submission Form As defined in Section 12 of The Agreement
Request for Tenure Extension As defined in Section 9.4.4 of The Agreement

Provost Office Memos

Printable Forms, Policies and Documents

Document Name Description
Professional Development Fund

Form to secure approval for use of reallocation of PD funds
Authorization for travel still requires a Travel Voucher from the Business Office

Distinguished Scholar
Award Nomination Form
Form, Criteria and Guidelines for Distinguished Scholarship Award nomination
Sabbatical Leave Application
Guide/Report Form
Information and Application for requesting sabbatical leave.
General Education Subcommittee Template Used as basis for annual reports on the general education outcomes v.2012

Curriculum and General Education Committee

The following documents are for undergraduate courses and programs submitted for curriculum committee review and action.
Please DOWNLOAD the current version.
Undergraduate Curriculum Form
As approved at the February 5, 2014 meeting of the University Curriculum Committee, in effect beginning summer 2014.
Course Change Proposal
Form A version v.S15
New Course Proposal
Form B version v.S15
New Program Proposal
Form C version v.F13d
Program Change Proposal
Form D version v.F13b
Expedited Changes
Form E version v.F13b
New Program Budget
Form F version v.S12

Special Topics (limited offering approved by Provost)

Form S - version v14.a (effective late fall 2014)

2016-2017 Study Abroad Budget Worksheet - replaces the budget in Form S when the course is a study abroad experience

Graduate Curriculum Forms  
Currently under review, for additional information please contact the Provost's Office
General Education Forms  
Application for new course recognition
GENED course proposal form - Nov 11, 2012

Load Report Documents

The following documents are also located
O:/PROVOST'S OFFICE/Load Reports/FORMS AND TEMPLATES - check for the most recent copy

Course Policies & Syllabus Templates

Policy or Document Description - Faculty are strongly encouraged to reference these policies in their syllabus, providing links rather than the entire text of each section.
Syllabus Template

Syllabus_Template Fall 2016 Blank Word document containing required syllabus sections, content will vary and additional sections or content may be added based on the course requirements and instructor needs. Revision Date 06AUG2013

Syllabus Guide Syllabus_Template_Guide Fall 2013 Guidelines for the completion of each section
Class Attendance and Excused Student Absences LSSU Policy on Student Absences (revision date Fall 2013)
The Americans with Disabilities Act

In compliance with Lake Superior State University policies and equal access laws, disability-related accommodations or services are available to students with documented disabilities.

If you are a student with a disability and you think you may require accommodations you must register with Accessibility Services, which is located in the KJS Library, Room 149, (906) 635-2355 or x2355 on campus. Accessibility Services will provide you with a letter of confirmation of your verified disability and authorize recommended accommodations. This authorization must be presented to your instructor before any accommodations can be made. Students who desire such services should meet with instructors in a timely manner, preferably during the first week of class, to discuss individual disability related needs. Any student who feels that an accommodation is needed – based on the impact of a disability – should meet with instructors privately to discuss specific needs.

The university will make reasonable accommodations for persons with documented disabilities. Students should notify the Coordinator of Accessibility Services (located in LBR 149 just down the hall from the Academic Success Center), and their instructors, of any accommodation needs as soon as possible. Alternate statements related to the ADA are available: Alternate Syllabus Statements . For more information, see the Accessibility Services website.

IPASS (Individual Plan for Academic Student Success) If at mid-term your grades reflect that you are at risk for failing some or all of your classes, you will be contacted by a representative of IPASS. The IPASS program is designed to help you gain control over your learning through pro-active communication and goal-setting, the development of intentional learning skills and study habits, and personal accountability. You may contact 635-2887 or email if you would like to sign up early in the semester or if you have any questions or concerns.
Online and Blended Course Attendance Policies Students in online or blended classes are required to log in to the Course Management System (Blackboard, Wimba, TaskStream, etc.) and complete at least one “Academic Related Activity” within the Add/Drop period.

Academic Integrity Policy


Institutional Policy on Academic Integrity
Used for cases of academic fraud. Link to this policy in your syllabus.

Faculty Incident Report Form: Academic Integrity Incident Report