Redefining the Classroom

Sabbaticals & Reports


Dr. Alexei Iretski

  • Expanding National and International Research Collaboration on Design and Study of Novel Transition Metal Containing Catalysts for Small Molecues Activation
  • Proposal, Final Report

Dr. James Schaefer

  • A Kaleidoscope of Masculinity: Cultural Patterns of Manliness in the Great Lakes Region, 1600-1800
  • Proposal, Final Report


Dr. Britton Ranson-Olson

  • PFC Transport Assay
    Full proposal and final report

Dr. Paige Gordier

  • Capital Murder Trials 1850-1900
    Full proposal and final report


Jason Garvon, Ph.D.

Jun Li, Ph.D.

  • Study of Fish Infectious Diseases and Immunity in the Great Lakes: Enhancing the Research Ability of LSSU's FIsh Disease Laboratory
    Full proposal and final report


Chad Barbour, Ph.D.

  • "White Blood Turns Red": The Frontier, Playing Indian, and American Culture
    Full proposal and final report

Ashley Moerke, Ph.D.

  • Understanding Aquatic Ecosystem Linkages in the Great Lakes Basin: Enhancing LSSU's Research Capacity and Collaboration
    Full proposal and final report


Kathy Berchem

  • Summary: Professor Berchem’s application for sabbatical is based on her desire to pursue advanced education in her professional field of Nursing
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)

Jason Swedene, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Dr. Swedene will study perspectives on childhood and children from the 8th century BCE through the 18th century neoclassical period
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)

Brian Zinser

  • Summary: Professor Zinser’s proposed sabbatical project will attempt to explain the determinants of American Muslim’s intentions to use retail Islamic banking and financial services in the United States
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)


Dennis Merkel, Ph.D.

Aaron Westrick, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Fourth Amendment Seizures: The Processes of Investigating Police Force Incidents - A (book) guide for evaluating law enforcement use-of-force.
  • Full proposal and Final Report (pdf)

Greg Zimmerman, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Dr. Zimmerman’s sabbatical follows on research he has been doing over the past few years in the area of using local weedy grasses for pellet fuels for heating
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)


Paul Kelso, Ph.D.

  • Summary: An EarthScope project to study deformation and magmatic modification, Western Idaho - Eastern Oregon and Localization of deformation in lithologically heterogeneous lower crust, Arunta block, central Australia.
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)

David McDonald

  • Summary: Control and Integration of Electrical Motors for Electric Vehicle and Industrial Applications
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)

James Zukowski, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Relocating a Career in English: The Move from Traditional Scholarship to Creative Writing
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)

Brian Snyder, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Mathematics Visualization Program (MVP) - Developing Visual Media in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)


Marshall R. Werner, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Expanding Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Capabilities of 60 MHz permanent magnet systems through the development of novel pulse sequences for use in an undergraduate chemistry curriculum and incorporation into a course on Molecular Spectroscopy.
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)

David Szlag, Ph.D.

  • Summary: Detection, Occurrence, and Fate of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products released from On-Site Wastewater Systems.
  • Full proposal and report (pdf)