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Sabbaticals & Reports


Jason Garvon, Ph.D.

  • Keeping Pace witht he Field: Learning DNA Extraction, PCR and Sequence Analysis
    Full proposal and final report

Jun Li, Ph.D.

  • Study of Fish Infectious Diseases and Immunity in the Great Lakes: Enhancing the Research Ability of LSSU's FIsh Disease Laboratory
    Full proposal and final report


Chad Barbour, Ph.D.

  • "White Blood Turns Red": The Frontier, Playing Indian, and American Culture
    Full proposal and final report

Ashley Moerke, Ph.D.

  • Understanding Aquatic Ecosystem Linkages in the Great Lakes Basin: Enhancing LSSU's Research Capacity and Collaboration
    Full proposal and final report


Kathy Berchem

Summary: Professor Berchem’s application for sabbatical is based on her desire to pursue advanced education in her professional field of Nursing

Full proposal and report (pdf)

Jason Swedene, Ph.D.

Summary: Dr. Swedene will study perspectives on childhood and children from the 8th century BCE through the 18th century neoclassical period

Full proposal and report (pdf)

Brian Zinser

Summary: Professor Zinser’s proposed sabbatical project will attempt to explain the determinants of American Muslim’s intentions to use retail Islamic banking and financial services in the United States

Full proposal and report (pdf)


Dennis Merkel, Ph.D.

Summary: Researching correspondence between J.O. Veatch & the Bureau of Soils:  Investigation of the soil profile method as a paradigm shift.

Proposal, Final Report and Addendum on Podology (pdf)

Aaron Westrick, Ph.D.

Summary: Fourth Amendment Seizures: The Processes of Investigating Police Force Incidents - A (book) guide for evaluating law enforcement use-of-force.

Full proposal and Final Report (pdf)

Greg Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Summary: Dr. Zimmerman’s sabbatical follows on research he has been doing over the past few years in the area of using local weedy grasses for pellet fuels for heating

Full proposal and report (pdf)


Paul Kelso, Ph.D.

Summary: An EarthScope project to study deformation and magmatic modification, Western Idaho - Eastern Oregon and Localization of deformation in lithologically heterogeneous lower crust, Arunta block, central Australia.

Full proposal and report (pdf)

David McDonald

Summary: Control and Integration of Electrical Motors for Electric Vehicle and Industrial Applications

Full proposal and report (pdf)

James Zukowski, Ph.D.

Summary: Relocating a Career in English: The Move from Traditional Scholarship to Creative Writing

Full proposal and report (pdf)

Brian Snyder, Ph.D.

Summary: Mathematics Visualization Program (MVP) - Developing Visual Media in the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

Full proposal and report (pdf)


Marshall R. Werner, Ph.D.

Summary: Expanding Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Capabilities of 60 MHz permanent magnet systems through the development of novel pulse sequences for use in an undergraduate chemistry curriculum and incorporation into a course on Molecular Spectroscopy.

Full proposal and report (pdf)

David Szlag, Ph.D.

Summary: Detection, Occurrence, and Fate of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products released from On-Site Wastewater Systems.

Full proposal and report (pdf)

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