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If you are an LSSU faculty/staff member who is interested in offering your expertise to the Speakers Bureau, submit your presentation information using the form below.

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Note to Speakers

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a speaker and for signing up on the speaker's bureau. In order to help support this effort Dr. McLain and I would like to provide travel funds for your efforts. If you plan to travel for your event then the following steps can be taken to gain reimbursement for your trip.

1) Pre-approved by Provost: Complete a travel form and indicate that the travel is for the speaker's bureau. Submit the form to the Provost's Office for pre-approval.

2) Notification to admissions before travel: Contact Sue Camp in admissions so she can provide you with information and recruitment materials.

3) Notification to admissions after travel: After your trip follow up with admissions. Submit any completed contact cards to Sue Camp.

4) Request reimbursement from Provost: After your trip, submit the appropriate paperwork for reimbursement.

Are you looking for someone who could talk to your students about career choices, fire safety, health and wellness, and more? Perhaps you are looking for someone to make a presentation to your service club or volunteer group? Or maybe you are a business or industry leader looking for a demonstration in a particular campus area?

Members of the Lake Superior State University faculty and staff, along with many of our students, are experts on a variety of topics and are available to speak to you in the classroom, at your meeting place, or on our campus.

Following is a list of some of the faculty, staff and students who are available, along with their discussion topics and contact information. Many topics have been developed for K-12 students as noted, but some could be modified for other audiences. Contact the presenter for more information and keep checking back, as this list will continue to grow.

If you have any questions, please contact the individual faculty member, or the LSSU Provost's Office,, 906-635-2211; or the LSSU Public Relations Office,, 906-635-2315.

We're happy to help!

Listing of Speaker

Dr. David Baumann -- Prof. Baumann offers a 30-60 min. presentation for high school students that is an overview of underwater acoustics and the U.S. Navy's submarine silencing program. He can provide this talk at LSSU or in your school. Contact

Prof. Jim Devaprasad -- Prof. Devaprasad can talk to middle school and high school students who are interested in engineering careers or are from advanced math or science classes. For those students, he will set up a robotics presentation in LSSU's Robotics Lab. Contact

Dr. Barbara Evans -- can present lectures, teach labs or provide demonstrations for students in grades 11-12. Using BioPac equipment, she shows students how to measure heart rate, pulse, reaction time, eye movements and more. The students can also do a simple DNA extraction using fruit such as strawberries and kitchen reagents. These are portions of labs she instructs in her introductory biology and animal physiology courses. Contact

Dr. Paige Gordier -- Prof. Gordier can give presentations on careers in criminal justice, police academy requirements and training, inmate violence and gangs, street gangs and death penalty-related issues. The target group would be high school students with presentations at the schools. The presentations can be from 30-60 minutes to meet the needs of the class. Contact

Prof. Herb Henderson -- Prof. Henderson, who is a Sault Ste. Marie City Police Officer as well as an LSSU professor, can discuss law enforcement, homeland security, crime investigations, and more. His law enforcement presentation is for any grade level, including safety programs for K-3 students. The homeland security and crime scene investigations are better suited for middle school or high school students either at LSSU or at your school. (A crime scene demonstration would need to be held at LSSU.) The length of his presentations can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact

Kristen Larsen -- Ms. Larsen is a clinical social worker and director of LSSU Counseling Services. She can provide information or make presentations on a wide variety of mental health and wellness topics related to young adults and adults. Her presentations can be anywhere from 15-60 minutes.

Prof. Mary Jo Meehan -- Prof. Meehan, who works in the LSSU Center for Career Development, can provide a 40-45 minute presentation to high school students on choosing a college major, making career choices, and how to begin the process. Her presentation can be at LSSU or your school. She can also make presentations or talks on entering college as an undecided or undeclared student. Since she also possesses a degree in home economics education, she can also consult or provide presentations on sewing, baking, cooking, or diet and nutrition for all ages. Contact

Dr. Britt Ranson Olson -- Prof. Olson offers a 30-minute presentation for K-12 students in your classroom, or a tour of the LSSU science labs, or a lab session on campus. The presentation focuses on the LSSU biology program, specifically the pre-professional programs, LSSU facilities, course material and more. The lab demonstration is an exercise from the LSSU anatomy and physiology course: Mapping our taste receptors. Students of all ages enjoy it.

Prof. Valerie Phillips -- Prof. Phillips can discuss marketing as well as make more general presentations on careers in business. The target audience would be middle school or high school and could be delivered on campus or in your school.

Prof. Mindy McCready -- Prof. McCready enjoys speaking to students at the Sault Area Career Center, where she was formerly a student and where her mother taught accounting for 30 years. A former member of Business Professionals of America (BPA), Prof. McCready has worked with the Sault High BPA chapter for the past few years and could expand her business-background talks to more high school students. Contact

Dr. H. Russell Searight -- Prof. Searight a licensed psychologist, can present lectures and training to a range of audiences on common mental health conditions in adults, children, and adolescents, as well as their treatment. These topics have been presented to audiences ranging from professionals in health care, human services, education, and mental health to high school students. Other areas include behavioral medicine, fetal alcohol syndrome, and health care ethics. Presentations vary in length from 45 minutes to half-day workshops. Contact

Prof. Jody Susi -- Prof. Susi can provide programs of as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour for K-12 students in their schools or at LSSU. She can promote personal health and wellness by having students break-up into discussion groups to talk about how they can improve their own health and that of their families. Each group presents its findings, while she provides additional insight. For middle school and high school students, she can lead a discussion on exercise -- the proper mode, intensity, frequency and duration and work the students in a gymnasium. For high school students, she can provide a seminar on the field of exercise science, both its study and the resulting career choices. Contact

Dr. Joseph Susi -- Prof. Susi can provide 60-90 min. presentations to middle school and high school students related to the body, exercise, and medicine. He will break students into groups, either in their schools or at LSSU, to perform a variety of activities and follow-up with discussion. Contact

Dr. Paul Weber -- Prof. Weber can present high school students with an overview of digital systems or alternative energy systems. His presentation time is flexible and can be for as short as 15 min. or as long as 30 min. Contact

Dr. Ralf Wilhelms -- Prof. Wilhelms can provide 30-60 min. presentations on international business careers for high school students at their schools or at LSSU. Contact

Shelley Wooley -- Ms. Wooley is the Director of Educational Enrichment and Access. She works collaboratively with the LSSU Native American Center facilitating projects in a variety of venues and disciplines, quite often using LSSU students as "near-peers" of secondary students in order to offer the secondary students a positive message that will get them thinking about attending college. As director of the Gear Up/King-Chavez-Parks College Day and Michigan Campus Compact, she says she can cover as many areas as she can pull in volunteers. In the past, some of her programs have involved bringing students into business classrooms to demonstrate budgeting, corporate values and developing personal values; discussions with an LSSU author about the process of writing a short story and how to pursue writing in college; and similar programs in a variety of academic disciplines. LSSU’s college access programming is intentionally flexible and broad in order to accommodate the needs of the classroom teacher and complement Michigan curriculum demands. Let her know what you need. Contact