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Purchasing Department

LSSU Purchasing Card (P-Card) Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is my single transaction limit? What is my total credit line?
    Unless approved by the Purchasing Manager, the single transaction limit is $1,000 and the overall credit limit is $5,000.

  2. What items are not allowed for purchase with my p-card?
    • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Animals
    • Automotive Services and Repairs
    • Cash Advances
    • Computers & Peripherals
    • Copiers & Supplies
    • Copying
    • Cylinder Gases
    • Furniture
    • Hazardous Materials
    • Leases
    • Maintenance Contracts
    • Printing
    • Postage/Shipping
    • Purchasing that include logo, artwork, and imagery
    • Printers
    • Purchasing involving trade of University property
    • Radioactive materials
    • Software
    • Telephones and telephone-related expenses
    • Weapons & Ammunition

  3. Can I use my p-card for University-sponsored travel?
    Yes. You must follow all travel policies, including per diem requirements, and you must file a Purchasing Card Travel-Expense Voucher with the Business Office. Your p-card will work for hotels, meals, and fuel (if driving a University vehicle, please use the Wright Express card assigned to the vehicle). Please provide itemized receipts with your monthly p-card statement.

  4. Is it possible to increase my limits and/or open the card for transactions listed in the “unauthorized purchases” section?
    Yes, depending on the situation. Please contact the Purchasing Manager to discuss your specific request.

  5. When is my reconciled monthly statement due and to which office should it be sent?
    Cardholders will receive a monthly statement from Fifth Third Bank at the beginning of each month. Please review and submit (with all itemized receipts) to the Purchasing Department no later than the 15th of each month.

  6. What if I don’t have an itemized receipt for my transaction?
    If you do not have documentation of a transaction listed on the statement, please attach an explanation that includes a description of the item(s) purchased, date of purchase, vendor’s name and a reason for the lack of supporting documentation.

  7. I have a suspicious of fraudulent charge on my statement. What do I do?
    Complete a Cardholder Dispute Form and send the form to the Purchasing Department within 10 days of the statement date. Disputes must be sent to the bank within 30 days of the statement date.

Purchasing Card Program Forms

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