Redefining the Classroom

Amazing Internship Opportunity

The LSSU Exercise Science program prides itself on ensuring students obtain important practical experience prior to graduation. Employers and internship supervisors often rave about LSSU Exercise Science student resumes, comparing the experiences to that of a person already in the field for a year or two.  During the summer months, students can travel almost anywhere to gain this important experience. Although Exercise Science faculty will do everything possible to help students gain practical experience, students are known to locate exciting and exceptional sites for experience on their own. This past summer Maria Blazejewski’s exercise science knowledge and skills were put to the test at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  From May to mid-July Blazejewski began her practical experience requirements for the LSSU Exercise Science program by working the strength and conditioning staff of the Runnin’ Rebels.  She shadowed and assisted with the conditioning and resistance training of a large variety of UNLV’s Division I athletes and sports teams.  With the assistance of the staff she began to perfect her own technique, understanding, and confidence in the arena of strength and conditioning coaching.  By the final weeks of the experience she was introduced to the sports teams as assistant to the head strength coach.  In addition to the firsthand experience with a large division I athletics program she was present for summer NBA events held on the UNLV campus. 

Blazejewski observed the USA Men’s Basketball team practices leading up to their opener against the Dominican Republic.  Seated along the sideline of the Mendenhall Center practice courts she watched some of the world’s best basketball athletes and the world renowned basketball coach, “Coach K” (Mike Krzyzweski, head coach of Men’s Basketball at Duke University) as they prepared to represent the USA in the London Olympics.   She was able to observe a few of the USA players in the weight room, including New York Knicks’s stars, Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler.  During the course of his lifting workout Andre Iguodala even took the time to come over and speak with Blazejewski.

The following week the NBA summer league was under weigh bringing draft picks, veterans, and potential players from twenty- three NBA teams.  Not only was Blazejewski in attendance at many of the games, but also observed and interacted with many of these athletes the weight room.  For instance,  introduced as “Coach Maria”, she assisted with Toronto Raptors with their resistance training circuits.  Blazejewski not only trained these NBA athletes, but also performed her own workouts alongside them, including recently signed L.A. Clipper, Lamar Odom.

The LSSU Exercise Science program has developed important relationships with local organizations and businesses, that allow students to practice their skills in the “real world” while under the supervision of a trained professional. This allows students to gain experience during the school year, while they use the summer to broaden their experiences at sites outside of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and Ontario.  The Exercise Science program also provides numerous, low-cost services to the community, including personal training, exercise testing, nutritional and health assessments and group exercise. Exercise Science faculty supervise students as they practice and master their skills in a practical manner. Students also help manage and operate the LSSU Worksite Wellness program under the supervisor of Jody Susi, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and LSSU Worksite Wellness Coordinator.  For further information on the LSSU Exercise Science program, please email Jody Susi at

Russell and Marquetta Bruce Scholarship Recipient

Kaitlyn Lundrigan, the 2016-2017 Russell and Marquetta Bruce Scholarship
awardee with academic advisors, Sarah Ouimette and Dr. Joseph Susi

2016 Graduate Luncheon

Outstanding Athletic Training Graduate, Tanecia Groh, with
advisors Dr. Joseph Susi, II and Sarah Ouimette


Outstanding Exercise Science Graduate, Marie Gaedke, with
advisors Jody Susi and Dr. Eric Statt


Dr. Sally Childs with Outstanding Parks and Recreation Graduate,
Elizabeth Wegener


Field Trips!


Nolan Salani, Parks and Recreation student, climbs the tower at
Crisp Point Lighthouse during the RECS 262 Outdoor Recreation
field experience trip held on October 16-17, 2015.


Teryn Williams and Nolan Salani, comb the beach at Vermilion during
the RECS 262 Outdoor Recreation field experience weekend.
Crisp Point Lighthouse is shown in the background.