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Sport and Recreation Management Program

Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

Debra McPherson, School Chair and Advisor
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  • Recreation Director – provides the management expertise to plan implement, and administer recreation/leisure programs in public, private, or commercial recreation setting. (City Recreation Director, Resort Recreation Director, Camp Director , Tour/Travel Directors, Conference Coordinators, etc.)
  • Facility Manager – responsible for the overall management of public, private, and commercial sports/recreation facilities, including program development, scheduling, marketing, budgeting, public relations, and human resource management. (Ice Arena Manager, Sports Complex Manager, Pool Manager, City Stadiums, etc.)
  • Sports Manager – focuses on management of youth sports, school sponsored athletic programs, intramurals, sports associations, recreational sports, and semi and professional sports.   Specialization in marketing, public relations, ticket and merchandise sales, and sponsor ship apply the business minor. (Athletic Directors, Coaches, Sports Marketers, Military Recreation Director, Golf Course/Club Manager, University Intramurals Director, Sports Promotions, Athletic Association/League Directors, Olympic Programs, International Sports Management, etc.)
  • Activity Leaders – provide recreation leisure services in the form of activities to specific or diverse age groups in public, private, and commercial settings. (Corporate Fitness Leader, red Cross Learn to Swim, Kids Clubs, Golf Teacher, Arts and Crafts Teacher, Tour Guide, etc.)
  • Entrepreneur – manager your own recreation/leisure business. (Sporting/Recreation Equipment Sales, Amusement Arcades, Rafting Tours, Bus Tour Company, Archery Range, Movie Theaters, Driving Range, etc.)


  • People Oriented
  • A Team Leader and Player
  • A Decision Maker-Problem Solver
  • Organized, Creative, and Flexible
  • Interested in Athletic/Recreation/Leisure Services


  • A Bachelor of Science/Arts in Recreation management is a professional degree which focuses on leading, planning, managing, and directing athletic, recreation, and leisure opportunities for all ages of clientele, in a variety of settings.
  • A Business Minor is included in the degree to enhance management knowledge and skills.   Additional career specialization can be achieved through additional minors.
  • A semester internship is required for this degree.