Redefining the Classroom
  • Programs of Distinction

    Lakers separate themselves from the pack. We know you have many similar college and university choices from which to choose, but at LSSU, we're not offering you more of the same. We're different, and chances are you're looking for something different, too. Here are a few examples of exceptional programs that you won't find in many other places:

    LSSU is redefining the classroom and students are taking notice of the one-of-a-kind opportunities that await them on and off of our campus. From real-world opportunities in our Product Development Center (PDC), to public and private partnerships in our Aquatic Research Lab, Lakers are actively engaged in their education and their future.

    9&10 Michigan This Morning interviews LSSU engineering students at the Smart Zone Center (Product Development Center). Smart Zone Videos

    Redefining the Classroom

    At LSSU, we're preparing students for a world where the only constant is change. Students at LSSU go beyond the traditional classroom experience with real-world, hands-on, engaged learning.

    Lots of schools emphasize student-faculty interaction. At LSSU, we’ve mastered it. With an emphasis on undergraduate education and no teacher assistants, our professors truly know our students. We build relationships that go beyond the bachelor’s degree. Our students and faculty create a foundation for a lifelong educational experience.

    "LSSU students compete and are very successful. When I moved to Seattle and into a much larger office environment, I realized I was competing with graduates from very large universities. It was a bit intimidating. With the right attitude and hard work, and leveraging the quality education from Lake State, I was able to effectively compete. The guidance and perspective students receive at LSSU is great for its graduates."

    Victor Breed, CFO
    Genoa HealthCare and LSSU Alumnus
  • We offer hands-on, engaged learning opportunities.

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    The LSSU/War Memorial Hospital's Simulation Center features wireless mannequins that are used for training LSSU students and medical professionals about various health care procedures. It includes an infant and adult male mannequin, as well as an expectant mother who can deliver a baby. The mannequins blink, bleed, cry, sweat and express their symptoms to healthcare workers and students just as live patients might, and respond to treatment much like live patients.

    Conservation biology student measures a forest's recovering biodiversity from a devastating wildfire. Read more...