Redefining the Classroom

Downloadable Forms

The forms and notices below are available for download.

  • To view the form in your browser click one of the links below.
  • To save the file to your computer right click the link and select Save Target As ... from the pop-up menu that appears.

These forms and notices are all in PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

  • Add/Drop Information - Information about Adding and Dropping courses through the sixth day of the fall or spring semesters, or fourth day of the summer semester.
  • Application for Auditing a Course - Use to get permission to audit a course. Audits are designed for someone who wishes to take a particular course for its content but not be graded for the course.
  • Anchor Access Common Registration Add Errors - This information sheet outlines common registration add errors when adding classes using Anchor Access.
  • Course Registration - Use this form to register for classes In-Line. Students may register Monday through Friday at the Registrar's Office located in the Fletcher Center for Student Services.
  • Credit by Departmental Exam - Use to get permission to take a departmental examination for college credit instead of completing the actual course.
  • Credit for Prior Learning - Use this form to apply for considersideration of prior learning credits.
  • Credit/No Credit Application - Applications to take courses for Credit/No Credit must be completed and submitted to the Registrar's Office before the end of the Add/Drop period for the semester. Once the Add/Drop period has passed, students cannot change to or from Credit/No Credit in any course.
  • Directory Restriction Request - Use this form to place directory restriction on your LSSU directory information. Careful consideration should be used in submitting this form. Please read all of the directions.
  • Grade Appeal Record of Action - This form outlines the steps of the Grade Appeal Process.
  • Graduation Application - If you are planning to graduate you must complete a Graduation Application. For more information please visit
  • Change Graduation Information - This form is used to change your original Graduation Application information. Use this to change your expected graduation semester; change the address where your diploma is to be sent; remove minor(s); remove major (for graduates with multiple majors); change from B.S. Degree or B.A. Degree, etc.
  • Instructor Override for Class Registration - Use to override required prerequisites for a course or use to get permission to take courses which require the instructor's permission due to course content. Requires the instructor's signature.
  • Major Change Request - Students may use this form to change or add an additional degree, major, minor, and/or concentration, or change your catalog term for your Degree Audit. Note: The signature of the student and their new academic advisor is required.
  • Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application - This form will serve as your application as a guest student at a Michigan College or University.
  • My.LSSU Login Instructions and Request to Reset Password or User Name Notification - Detailed information regarding how to login to the My.LSSU portal. Also included is a form to request the reset of your password or request user name notification.
  • On-line Registration Worksheet - Anchor Access - This form is used as a worksheet for new students attending LSSU for the upcoming term. Included are instructions for logging into My LSSU.
  • Replacement Diploma request - Use to order a new LSSU diploma.
  • Request for Name Change - Use to change your name at the University.
  • Request for a Late Withdrawal and/or Tuition Appeal - Use to request a late withdrawal from a class(es) due to extenuating circumstances. The appeal application, a typed statement of extenuating circumstances, and documentation verifying the extenuating circumstances must all be submitted at the same time.
  • Transcript Request - Use to request an Official Transcript from the Registrar's Office.
  • Trial Schedule - A sample schedule for planning your semester courses.